Is Obama Really a Dropout, Drug Addict, Liar and Felon?

As most of you know, Donald Trump has been spending a few million of his own dollars investigating Barack Obama’s background.  Unfortunately, the results of this investigation have not yet been released.  Perhaps Trump is waiting for just the right time, since the current political climate has labeled so-called “birthers” as fringe lunatics.  Even Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer just yesterday vetoed a bill passed by the Arizona legislature that would have required presidential candidates to present their long-form birth certificates in order to get on the ballot.  Ironically, proof of legal citizenship may be required for 7-Eleven employees, yet for presidential candidates, it appears to be the third electric rail.  But perhaps Barack’s background investigation is gaining steam.


My friend Paul sent me an article written by an ex- IRS investigator that was published Saturday by a website called “No We Won’t”.  To be frank, the article is a little long and some parts are awkwardly written, but the content and assertions made are fascinating and very disturbing.  So I took the liberty of paraphrasing and rearranging the author’s words into a bullet list.  Admittedly, some of this information may be false.  Unfortunately, my recent move to Texas has preoccupied much of my time.  There’s not enough bandwidth this week to vet all these allegations, although some of them have purportedly been admitted by Obama himself.


So I have a request.  Many of you have expressed appreciation for the time I spend researching, digesting and analyzing  much of what’s written in political blogs.  Now I’d like some of you to return the favor.  Please take a look at the list below and let me know if these allegations have any credibility.  It may require some research on your part, but I think it’s worthwhile for one very simple reason.  Obama has spent millions of dollars blocking access to much of his background.  Now Donald Trump and others are not afraid to touch that third electric rail.  Make no mistake.  Trump is not stupid.  He knows that the issue of Obama’s obscure and fuzzy background is only going to escalate as we approach the 2012 elections, and he’s aggressively getting in front of the pack.  It will be interesting to hear what he makes public, but in the meantime, let’s examine the allegations listed below that are coming from another source.  If any of this is nothing more than rumor, I’d like to know.  So would the rest of America.


The premise: As an ex-IRS tax examiner, this anonymous writer claims to be an expert in recognizing the behavior patterns of illegal aliens as well as career criminals when they attempt to acquire a new identity in the U.S.  The author believes that Barry Soetoro’s background and actions fit this profile under the following assertions –

  • Barry’s father is Lolo Soetoro, a  male foreign national who may be Barry’s actual birth father .  It is also possible that Lolo adopted Barry and legally changed the boy’s name.  To add to the confusion, Barry may also have been adopted by his mother.  As a result, the  public has no idea regarding the identity of Barry’s actual birth parents.


  • By Barry’s own admission, he was made an official legal Indonesian citizen.


  • There appears to be a difference between a “birth certificate” and a “certificate of live birth”.  The former is an original document.  The latter can be modified at any time and may include changes to the child’s name, date of birth, birth parents names and even the place of birth.  This is the document being held as proof of Barry’s citizenship.


  • Barry was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia and attended a Catholic funded school that permitted all faiths to attend.


  • Barry’s mother dropped him as a dependent for some unknown reason.  This was verified on her passport records.


  • Barry went to Hawaii to live with his alleged grand parents after Lolo Soetoro and Barry’s mother divorced.


  • He finished high school in Hawaii under the name of Barry Soetoro.  Upon graduating, Barry moved to California, where he used illegal drugs and flunked out of Occidental College.


  • After dropping out of school, Barry showed up in New York, homeless and still on drugs. Again, this was Barry’s own admission.


  • He was taken in by a Pakistani, who financed travel for the pair back to Indonesia.


  • Barry returned to New York from Pakistan and began using the fictitious name “Obama”.  There is speculation that this alias was used by Barry to transport narcotics, since Pakistan to New York is the main route for Afghan heroin into the U.S.


  • Barry used the fictitious name “Barrack Hussein Obama” for the first time in order to file his federal taxes, using a Connecticut post office box, for the purpose of evading paying taxes in New York and /or to establish a new identity. There is no evidence Barry Soetoro ever lawfully changed his name to “Barrack Hussein Obama” and filing a tax return under an alias is a felony with no statute of limitation.


  • The IRS could not match the name Barrack Hussein Obama to the SSI number provided or the address provided, so they assigned this  fictitious name to the Connecticut tax ID number provided on the return.   It was at this point when Barry Soetoro began using the tax ID number as his SSI number when using the fictitious name Barrack Obama.


  • Barry’s selective service registration in Hawaii, dated September, 1980, is also fraudulent.   The name used was Barack Hussein Obama, yet Barry did not start using this name until years later.  The registration also contains the tax ID assigned by the IRS, but again, that number did not exist at the time Barry registered with the military.


  • Since he lacked transcripts, Barry lied his way into Harvard, soliciting help from the Saudi Royal Family.  But he lied to the Saudis as well, telling them that he was fighting in Afghanistan with the Muslim Jihad against the Russians.  As a result, the Saudis paid for Barry to attend Harvard under the name “Obama”.  They also donated  a gift of $20 million dollars.  In return, Harvard  made Barry president of the law review a person, even though he never wrote a single law review article.


  • Barry could not work as a lawyer for a major law firm without succumbing to back ground investigation, so  Michelle Obama got him a job at her law firm. Barry never filed a case alone and never filed a motion.  His work was limited to writing memos.


  • Barry later rescinded his law licenses to avoid the possibility of disbarment for fraud in the event that someone discovered that he had lied on his State Bar application.


  • Michelle also had to turn over her law license for her involvement in corruption with the Chicago mayors office.


  • After running for Congress, Barry used his political influence to get himself a position as a lecturer at Chicago’s law school. He embellished this position as a “professor of law” which is completely false. Barry was never a professor.


  • In order to get some name recognition, Barry ran for United States Senate for the State of Illinois, even though Republican Jack Ryan was a shoe in.  Things unraveled for Ryan, however, when his wife Jeri went public regarding a sex scandal.  As a result, Ryan dropped out and was replaced by  Alan Keys.  Keys then attempted to warn the public  that Barry was not who he claimed to be.  The Democratic Party, however, had already begun scrubbing Barry’s background.   The DNC dismissed Alan Keys warnings as the vindictive rants of a sore loser.


  • The Democratic Party has located Barry’s former drug associates from college and paid them off  in order to keep things quiet.    They even found Phil Boener, a former associate from Occidental College.  He was  working in California as a receptionist at a dental hygienist school .  The DNC gave Boener a fake diploma from Columbia and created his cover story.




The author concludes that “Barry Soetoro is as much of a fraud as Bernie Madoff and his house of cards will soon fall down”. Is he right?  All of this information is extremely specific, which begs the question:  Do you believe it’s legitimate, or is all this simply conspiracy theory easily disproved? Let me know what you find.




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4 Responses to "Is Obama Really a Dropout, Drug Addict, Liar and Felon?"

  1. Sounds all feasible to me but if all this is true how on earth could he continue to function as a human being??? I heard Mr. Trump say something like you ‘d be surprised what we’ve found out so far! You certainly may be on to something bigger than watergate IMHO!

  2. I am ashamed that in 2011, there are people like you in this world. You admit before spewing this junk that there are false statements in it! What kind of journalist does this? You people keep spreading this garbage, and in one respect I am glad because you are making it easier for Obama to win a second term.
    I also find it funny that it was abhorrent to bring up a supposed affair that George HW Bush allegedly had, or to bring up the fact that George W Bush is an alcoholic and a cokehead, but you feel comfortable to spread this garbage about Obama? May God have mercy on your soul, if you actually have one…

  3. What absolute nonsense. I have read some looney writings in my time but this takes the cake. Just reprinting such garbage makes you complicit. I am one to entertain debate but not in this case. This is just too nuts.


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