This, That and the Other Thing

This, That and the Other Thing

March 16th, 2011

 Welcome to another edition of my column dealing with the lighter side of the news.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Since St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow I felt we needed to dedicate a good portion of this article to the more…..unusual celebrations across the world.

O’Neill Nebraska’s Chamber of Commerce proudly posts on its towns marquee that they are the home of the “World’s Largest Shamrock” and they may very well be.

Worlds Largest Shamrock

 Though no one has ever measured it the shamrock, painted on the roadway, does cover the town’s main intersection.  Nebraska, Irish, who’d a thought.  And yes they do have a parade.

For those of you that actually make it home and are relatively sober a new line of St. Patrick’s Day lingerie is available.

Female Leprechaun
Woman Leprechaun 2

And one for you ladies out there…

Male Leprechaun

Leprechauns never looked so good.

What would Saint Patrick’s Day be without a cold, mug of Beer?  Boring…..So below is a partial listing of the “Most Drunk Countries in the World”.

Yemen is the least drunk with a yearly total of 0.01 per gallon per person

Germany is 23rd with a yearly average of 3.38 gallons per person

Latvia is 25th with a yearly average of 3.30 gallons per person

The US is 56th with a yearly average of 2.49 gallons per person.  I’m disappointed, I was sure we’d at least get the Silver medal in this event.

And the Gold Medal for the MOST DRUNK COUNTRY IN THE WORLD goes to………….Moldavia with a yearly total of 4.81 gallons per person.  I guess they have a lot to drink about up there.

 Eye Candy

Numerous Mexicana airlines flight attendants came up with a unique way to help raise money for the cash strapped Carrier.  A small group got together, pooled their money and became real life “Calendar Girls”.  The 2011 calendar features glossy shots of the flight attendants, clad only in bikinis and aviation shades or abbreviated uniforms, draped over propellers and striking racy poses in the cockpit.

Mexicana Flight Attendants
Mexicana's Corel Perez

Unlike the Women’s Institute members in Britain, who really created a racy calendar to raise funds, the stewardesses kept their clothes on.  It was the brainchild of 10-year Mexicana veteran Coral Perez.   It’s safe to say Mexicana Airlines customers really fly the “Friendly Skies”.

So that ends this latest chapter of “This, That and the Other Thing”.  Please drink responsibly tomorrow and have fun.  Yes you can do both and remember ta wear a bit of the Irish and watch the skies.


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