Confidence in the US System of Government

On March 15, ABC News, in cooperation with the Washington Post, released the results of a new survey done by Langer Research Associates.   One of the questions asked about the level of confidence that US citizens have in our system of government today.  Here are the results of over 1000 adults randomly polled nationwide.  You might want to pay particular attention to the blue line at the top of the graph.  It represents a declining trend in our optimistic view of government.




According to Langer Research Associates, the sample size was large enough to produce a statistically valid representation of the views of all Americans.  But polls can be misinterpreted or misleading.  So let’s examine the question one more time.  What is our confidence in the US system of government?  In other words, do we believe that our system works?  Well, apparently we do not.


If you will notice, this question has been asked since August, 1974.  It’s probably no coincidence that President Richard Nixon resigned from office over the Watergate scandal that same month.  As a result, our optimistic view fell about 10 points to a low of approximately 45%.  The channel between highs and lows continued to be relatively consistent for the next 36 years, bouncing between 45% and 55%.  Then comes a steep decline, which coincides with the Democratic Party’s control Congress followed by Obama’s ascent to the presidency.  Optimism now stands at a record low of 26%.  You’ll also note that “uncertainty” line in green has risen to an all-time high of 49%. So what does any of this really mean?


I will let you draw your own conclusions, but here’s mine.  The vast majority of American citizens today no longer trust the government to do the right thing.  And more to the point, they no longer trust our system of government to keep politicians in line through a series of checks and balances designed by our Founding Fathers.  There are reasons for this lack of confidence.


  • Obama and his radical agenda have trashed the Constitution.
  • The rule of law has been selectively ignored by the Justice Department.
  • Congress has been passing bills that profoundly affect each and every American, yet they openly admit that they have not read the very legislation that they approve.
  • The federal government has been unrelenting in its desire to take over virtually every segment of our private enterprise system, even though it has no constitutionally granted authority to do so.
  • We have a president who has repeatedly lied and misrepresented the real intentions of the progressives currently running our government. Liberal hypocrisy has run amok under this administration.
  • Obama has openly stated that he does not believe the United States of America is an exceptional nation.  In fact, he repeatedly apologizes to the world on our behalf.
  • The White House forecasts that the rate of unemployment and under-employment will be unreasonably high for the foreseeable future, despite all our tax dollars, printed money and federal debt thrown at the situation.
  • Congress cannot stop spending.  Our national debt is $14 trillion and counting.  The debt service alone is unsustainable and represents a greater threat to our liberty than any hostile nation or destructive political/religious movement.


So you might ask yourself if these assertions are justified.  I believe they are.  Just read the articles published on the Obama White House Diaries and also on A Hollywood Republican.  The research supports each and every one of these conclusions.  But then again, you be the judge of why three quarters of all Americans surveyed no longer think that our US system of government works.


If you have a better explanation than the ones cited above, I’d appreciate your comment.



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