Child Abuse

Last night, my wife Karen was on Facebook when she noticed a series of disturbing comments.  They appear to have been generated in response to a statement made by someone whose articles I have read over the past few months.  This ad hoc proclamation, however, was an unexpected departure from previous themes written by this author.  It had a dark, ominous tone.  The posting advocated the annihilation of Middle Eastern children under the rationale that they are destined to grow up as terrorists because their minds have been poisoned by radical Muslim teachings.  Several other Facebook participants dog piled on that idea.  Some suggested that elementary schools in the Middle East be targeted with aerial strafing and bombing missions.  I found the commentary appalling and wondered how some of our citizens could harbor enough hate to wish children dead.


So I didn’t sleep well last night.  And it got me thinking not only about the callous disregard for children in the Middle East, but also the abuse inflicted upon American children here at home.  For example:


The unborn in this country are not considered life.  They are considered “options”.  A few weeks ago, I watched the Rev. Al Sharpton defending Planned Parenthood’s policies of disproportionately promoting abortion as a preferable solution to pregnancies in black communities.  The Rev. seemed to have no problem with the fact that unborn black life has only a 50% chance of surviving in today’s American culture.  And the abortions being promoted are done without the knowledge or consent of the teenager’s parents.  Someone who advocates for this type of racial genocide should not be allowed to slap the term “Reverend” in front of his name, because the message being preached is pure evil.  Sorry, but I offer no apologies for that opinion.


Women’s liberation hasn’t done much to help the nation’s children either.  For the last 30 years, this movement has pushed the idea that fathers are unnecessary and inconsequential.  As a result, the number of single mother households has skyrocketed since the 70s.  It’s a sad situation, because kids really do deserve both a father and a mother.


The federal government has now placed a $14 trillion debt on this nation’s future generations.  We had 151 million tax returns filed last year.  Of these, only 85 million actually pay federal income tax.  If you do the math, that translates to a tax obligation of $168,000 for every return filed.  Who exactly do politicians think will pay that debt?  Obviously, future generations.


The entertainment industry has done a particular disservice to children.  Much of what’s seen in television and movies today are totally inappropriate for the young.  No need to elaborate on this topic, unless you’ve been living under a rock.


Last year, Nancy Pelosi promoted Obamacare by explaining that it would eliminate the need for young people to get regular jobs so they could pursue other interests.  Similarly, White House science czar, John Holderman, advised American youth that they should no longer strive to be academically exceptional.  He went further by offering that America cannot sustain the distinction of leading the world in science and technology.  Hardly inspiring.


Obama recently dismantled NASA by canceling future space exploration and laying off almost half the workforce.  I was fortunate enough to be inspired by men walking on the moon.  Future generations will not have that same sense of wonder.  Instead, they will continue to be told by this White House that our country is no greater or lesser than any other nation.


Same-sex activists are promoting the idea of gender identity decisions in schoolchildren as young as five years of age.  Yes, these activists believe that elementary school children should be counseled by state employees in determining whether they are a boy or girl.  Couple that idea with socially-architected, single-parent households, and you can get a glimpse of the demise of the traditional American family under the stewardship of progressive liberalism.


The federally subsidized public school system has been indoctrinating students with socialism for years.  College campuses are now bastions of totalitarian liberalism, where alternate conservative views are considered hate speech, punishable by expulsion.  If you’re interested in specific examples, you might visit


I’m sure that you could add to this list, but you get the idea.  Kids in America today may be spoiled with toys, cell phones and entertainment, but they’ve been robbed of the things that really matter.  And for the first time in America’s history, many parents no longer believe that their children will be better off than prior generations.  That’s as sobering a thought as the hateful Facebook comments posted last night.


Because if any society, whether in the Middle East or right here in America, does not cherish, protect and nurture its own children, then it is practicing its own brand of child abuse.

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