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Happy New Year everyone.  Hope you all had a safe and happy one.  By now I think all of you have noticed our new and improved format.  It took a lot of hard work to get this up and running but all of us here think you will like it.

The new site should be much easier to navigate around, giving you several options to locate articles.  You can still search by the articles “title” but now you can also search by the articles category which is always listed at the bottom of each article.  This should cut down on the search time. 

Our news feeds are now up to date and change regularly.  And we have added a brand new “Chat” section that will allow you to comment or converse with each other instantaneously.  From time to time A Hollywood Republican will open a topic for discussion on the chat but you, the readers, can open a topic anytime you like.  We hope this section will get a lot of use.

We will also be adding more pictures to our articles as well as doing several articles in series format stretching them out over several weeks.  We can provide you with more detailed information without having to “cram” it into one long article.  Also my column “This, That and the Other Thing” will be returning next Wednesday with fresh, new material and a new article will be posted every Wednesday.  We are also planning a series of articles dealing with our Space Program, or lack of one.  Also getting in depth about the new civilian space race and how it’s heating up.

We like the new format but to improve our site we need to know what you, the readers think.  Let us know how YOU feel and if you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know.  We here at “A Hollywood Republican” think feedback is a good thing.

So please enjoy the site and come back often.  We get lonely if we don’t hear from you on a regular basis.  And as always “Thanks” for taking the time to participate and remember the more voices we add to the choir the louder we become.

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