The Democrats Just Don’t Get It

December 2, 2010

On November 2, 2010, the American Electorate repudiated the Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid agenda.  The defeat was so staggering that even President Obama said the Democrats got shellacked.  He finally had to accept that a large portion of Americans, in my opinion a majority, do not believe in his policies of Big Government and European Style Socialism.  The want less government, lower taxes and maybe even less entitlements.  In other words the country is Center Right as it has been for pretty much the last thirty years.

Now, we are in the lame duck session of Congress and, what are Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid doing; the same exact stuff that got them and their party into trouble in the first place.  They are openly ignoring the will of the American people.  The are actively pursuing their left wing agenda and hoping to increase their party’s electorate by pandering to illegal immigrants, the gay lobby, and unions.

Instead of dealing with the two key issues that must be addressed during this lame duck session, the pending tax increase and funding the government, the are attempting to get the Dream Act passed; the elimination of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell;” and the expansion of union representation for public workers.  In addition, they are attempting a public takeover of the Food Industry using the Commerce Clause as the Constitutional Authority.

The Republicans who are set to virtually take over Congress in January have put a line in the sand and hopefully, they stick to it.  The 42 Republican Senators penned a letter to Senate Majority Leader Reid yesterday saying that they will stop all legislative action unless the Tax Increase and the Government Appropriations Bills are dealt with first.  The Democrats are now seizing on this position and saying that the Republicans are again the “Party of No!”  To me, it seems more like that the Republican Senators are merely doing the will of the people.

In fact, Nancy Pelosi in her typical “doesn’t care about anyone but herself and her agenda” attitude, today is going to force a vote on the Tax Increases that she knows will never pass the Senate just to make the incoming Republicans look bad.  In about three hours, the House will vote to increase taxes on everyone making over $250,000 per year and to keep the tax rates the same for the middle class.  All of the Republicans and a good portion of the Democrats will vote no.  But, Ms. Pelosi knows that she can only use her super majority for about 10 more days.  She will force the bill through as she did with Health Care, but this time knowing it will not pass in the Senate.  Then, she will have ability to say, “The Republicans said “NO” to the middle class tax cut.  They are evil.  They only support the rich.”  Pure politics plain and simple.

What’s going on in the Senate is also pure politics.  The sudden push to pass the “Dream Act” by Harry Reid is pandering to the large Hispanic population in Nevada that helped him get reelected against all odds in the Republican wave on November 2.  In addition, it is an attempt to create a Democratic voting block in the Hispanic population for the next two to three generations.  There is simply no other reason for it.  The fact that all of the people that would become legal are now “illegal” does not mean anything to Mr. Reid.  In fact, people can break the law all day long as far as Democrats are concerned provided that they agree to continue voting Democratic.

Isn’t that the case with the Labor Unions as well?  They labor thugs break the law all the time, especially when they are trying to organize:  Baseball bats, slashed tires, men holding shot guns, it happens.  I know I have personally experienced it.  But, the Democrats do not care.  All they care about is getting  more votes.  They do not care about what is right or wrong; just securing a voting block.  And, that is exactly what Harry Reid is doing right now by trying to extend union organizing rights to more public workers.  Let more people into the union.  Make the SEIU stronger.  It is all about votes, plain and simple.  Oh, and it is all about money too.  The unions virtually support the Democratic Party.

The bigger the unions are, the more Democratic votes.  The more illegal aliens become legal, the more Democratic votes.  And, the same is true of gays in the military.  Personally, I believe that Gays should be permitted to serve.  But, I do not believe that overturning “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” should be a priority of the Lame Duck Congress.  Leave it for later.  Right now, there are only two things that matter; the tax increases and government appropriations.

So, in my opinion, it is clear.  The Republicans were right to draw the line in the sand.  Do what must be done in the next two weeks.  Then, if there is time for anything else, the Democrats can get to their pet projects.  Until then, the Senate Republicans should really play hardball.  Do not cave.  The American electorate has spoken.  The Republicans seem to get it.

It is just the Democrats who don’t!

© 2010 Frank T. DeMartini.  Permission to copy will be freely granted upon request.

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10 Responses to The Democrats Just Don’t Get It

  1. SJA on December 2, 2010 at 11:58 am

    I offer only my humble opinion that this election was probably a mistake. Unfortunately the politics of fear have seemingly gripped the country and been enhanced by certain of the right, as well as left to promote private agendas. I firmly believe that most if not the true majority of Americans are centrist and neither right nor left. Having said that, I find it hypocritical to argue for keeping a tax break for the wealthy in place in times of extreme costs and “drawing a line in the sand” that could result in higher taxes for all American brackets.

    I have no comment on the so-called “dream act” except to say the complaints sound like pandering again to that baseline fear. Perhaps the Republicans should actually, for once since Roosevelt, actually offer ideas in compromise rather than be belligerent.

    The great thing about our society and the Constitution is they will not only survive but prosper – the Constitution, as long as the extremists of either ilk aren’t allowed to tamper, virtually guarantees that the pendulum will swing back again to sanity. I just hope we are able to avoid the fiscal disaster so many seem so intent on visiting on the nation.

  2. Lynn on December 2, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    The reason we’re in this mess is because the Republicans compromised far too much over the years and became Democrats.

    One should never compromise on liberty and the rule of law. We’ve destroyed both.

    Centrists are appeasers.

  3. renoman on December 3, 2010 at 1:11 am

    Raising taxes on anyone would be a huge mistake in today’s economy period. Once this issue is settled the economy will definitely improve due to the fact business owners will have a better idea of the future. This will help unemployment immensely. We also need to do some drastic cutting of spending!

  4. Frank DeMartini on December 3, 2010 at 7:03 am

    The unemployment rate just hit 9.8%. That is the highest it’s been in seven months. Hopefully, the Democrats will not get it. Their plans and policy are just not working.

  5. RedDirt on December 4, 2010 at 11:53 am

    Nope!! They sure don’t ‘get it’ nor will they ever understand why we don’t think like them. Over 14% of Americans are in poverty & the 99-week unemployment checks are starting this week.

    Where is the outrage? Someone just wrote a great book about Amerians finally taking a stand against federal tyranny & it’s great cause its so real & about each of us. I recommend it.

    I am sure next year the democrats will continue to blame Bush/Republicans so we need to be prepared for the media to push that old dog again. Great article!!

  6. ThePaganTemple on December 6, 2010 at 5:59 am

    Oh, the Democrats “get it” all right. The problem is they are bought and paid for by the Soros wing of the party. More important even than that, these fools have an agenda and they are bound and determined they are going to pursue it to the very end, come what may. They don’t care whether we like it or not, to their way of thinking, if they hold fast and keep the faith, such as it is, everything will eventually work out and we wee folk will eventually see the Democrats were right all along. This is never going to change, and they are never going to change.

  7. Florida CPA on January 10, 2011 at 12:51 pm

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