Out With the Old, In With the New

As the New Year is finally upon us, let us take look at some of the major events of 2010 from a Conservative perspective.

Of course, the best thing that happened in the past year was the election on November 2.  As you all know by now, the Republican Party picked up 63 seats in the House and 7 in the Senate.  That effectively takes away the President’s ability to get his Left Wing Socialist Agenda through Congress.  He must now negotiate with the Republican Party whether he likes it or not.  Remember, he told Eric Cantor after the 2008 vote, “Elections have consequences.”  I am sure he wishes he did not use those words because the new election is definitely going to have consequences; most of which he will not like.

To say something good about the President, he has already shown willingness to compromise now since he does not have a choice.  The most important act of the Lame Duck Congress was to extend the current tax rates for the next two years.  Small businessmen now have the ability to plan their fiscal years without the worry of a tremendous tax increase.  Obama, to the extreme disgust of the majority of his party, sat down with the incoming Republican majority and made sure that everyone was given the necessary tax relief to, hopefully, end this Depression.

Members of the Far Left including Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and Harry Reid were extremely dismayed that this compromise came down.  In fact, many of the true far left were saying the President had reneged on one of his major campaign promises by not raising taxes on the rich.  I am sure it makes Mr. Biden feel like a complete ass now that he can no longer say that “everyone has to pitch in” when talking about the rich and taxes.  Of course, he would qualify as rich, but you would not know it by the amount of his charitable contributions; which can be described as minute at best.  Just another cheap Democrat who would rather take money out of your pocket to take care of the less fortunate than his own.

A major consequence of the November 2, 2010 election that the President will have to deal with is the entry of a bill to repeal Obamacare by the new Republican Congress.  I am sure this bill will pass rather quickly in the House.  It will probably die in the Senate and even if by some miracle it does pass there, President Obama will veto it.  If he does, it will be one more piece of ammunition against him in his reelection bid in 2012 as 60% of the country still would like to see the end of this bill.  In the end, the bill will either be defunded or President Obama will have to agree to some compromises to get it more in line with the type of health care reform that Republicans can agree to.

Another consequence of the election was the inability of the Lame Duck Congress to pass the DREAM Act.  Many liberals were hoping for this to pass so that their electorate would increase thereby putting states like Arizona and Texas into play for the Left.  Unfortunately for the Democrats, this did not happen.  Although I feel for the children of illegals, I still believe the DREAM Act is a mistake and a back door to amnesty.  Our immigration laws, as flawed as they may be, are still the laws and must be followed.  My grandparents came here legally.  Everyone else should as well.

The growth and power of the Tea Party Patriots must also be examined as it too is a major development in 2010.  From a small group that started in 2009, after the Obama election, it has grown to become a major caucus in the House and to even have a few members in the Senate.  Even with this growth, there were some major defeats of the Tea Party; the two biggest being Christine O’Donnell and Sharon Angle.  In the end, they were just bad candidates and were partly responsible for our inability to capture a majority in the Senate.  Good candidates in Nevada and Delaware would have been two more seats in the Senate.

However, the darling of the Tea Party, Marco Rubio is a different story.  He could be the future of the Republican Party.  He is a great speaker and a true Conservative.  Let us keep a good watch on him in the coming months.  If he maintains his Conservative principles, he will be a force to reckon with for the Democrats.

The final major development politically in the US during 2010 that I will discuss was the inability of the economy to come out of this Depression.  Unemployment actually increased even with the massive spending of the Federal Government.  And, to make matters worse, any housing gains achieved over the course of the year have been erased in the last two months.  House prices have either remained stable during 2010 or have actually gone down further depending upon where you are.  For the western states of Nevada and Arizona, it has been the third straight year of housing declines.  How much lower can house prices in those two states go would only be a guess at this point.

On the Foreign Affairs side, not much changed in 2010.  Afghanistan is becoming more of a quagmire every month and Mr. Obama still does not know how to handle it.  On the other hand Iraq seems to have maintained its stability.  I still believe that in the end, Iraq will be considered one of George Bush’s greatest successes in foreign affairs regardless of how you feel about him otherwise.

North Korea and Iran have become more of a nuisance.  At some point in the coming year or the next, the President is going to have to deal with both of them.  I fear that within the next five years they will be the cause of at least one more war.  With both of the either having or close to having nuclear weapons, any war with them becomes a world wide issue.  This is more complicated with Iran because we know that Iran is just looking for an excuse to use it nuclear capability on Israel.

Speaking of Israel, things have not changed.  The “two state” solution is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  The Palestinians keep trying to stop the Israeli developments in the West Bank.  It will not happen.  Israeli’s will live where they want to live until the government tells them otherwise.  In fact, even if the government tells them to stop, I doubt very highly that they will.  In response, the Palestinians, just this week, are trying to get a UN Security Counsel resolution passed to declare the settlements “illegal.”

Like I said, Foreign Affairs did not change much in 2010.  We can only hope they do not change for the worse in 2011.

In closing, Ira, Craig and I wish you the best in the coming year.  May all of your dreams come true.  I pray for health before everything else, but I also hope for the continued growth of this web site.  If you enjoyed it and keep coming back, tell all of your friends.  Thank you all for a great year.

© 2010 by Frank T. DeMartini.  Permission to copy will be granted upon request.

Happy New Year Everyone

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