“The President Needs Better Speech Writers”

Richard Cohen, who writes for the Washington Post, published an article yesterday on the website Real Clear Politics.  It merits your attention.  Here are some excerpts:

“Obama’s approval rating tracks at about 47 percent. Ronald Reagan did worse at this stage of his presidency, but he was both liked and known. Obama is not all that liked and not very much known. He has become a polarizing figure”

“We are once again two nations.”

“His stutter-step approach to certain issues — his wimpy statements regarding the planned Islamic center in Manhattan, for instance — erodes not just his standing but his profile. What we thought we knew, we do not. Like a picture hung in the sun, he fades over time.”

“Obama is stuck with Obama — the good and the bad. There is more of the former than the latter, so all is not lost. But what Obama can do — what he must do — is get some new people. His staff ill-serves him so that he presents a persona at odds with his performance.”

“Go back to Obama’s recent Oval Office speech. It was only his second and so great importance was attached to it. He should have had something momentous to say. In fact, he had almost nothing so say”

“The president needs better speechwriters.”


I found the article extraordinary on two levels.

Cohen appears to be very sympathetic to Obama as the presidency continues to unravel prior to the midterm elections, preferring instead to blame those around the commander-in-chief. Specifically, he believes that the president’s problems stem from the fact that Obama really has nothing to say at this point in his presidency. And according to Cohen, that is everyone else’s fault. I find that astonishing.

But on another level, it’s also astonishing that this liberal commentator completely ignores all of the White House’s policies and actions during the past 20 months, which have buried this nation in debt and bitterly divided the demographic mosaic that defines America. That mosaic was once America’s strength, but no longer. It has been manipulated along economic and racial lines. We’ve now become a socially dysfunctional nation in deep distrust of the federal government. For the first time, a majority of Americans think that the nation is in decline. For the first time, we believe that our children will have less opportunity than we did. Indeed, Americans have buyer’s remorse concerning the election of Barack Obama, as reflected in Cohen’s statement “What we thought we knew, we do not”.

The president needs better speechwriters?

No.   We need a better President.

Here is Cohen’s entire article:


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