Not My Cup of Tea by Al Ramirez

Here is a different opinion from that I posed yesterday written by my friend Al Ramirez:

Christine O’Donnell, Joe Miller, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul have their supporters as their victories prove. But their victories don’t mean I have to support candidacies. You see I have been a Republican all my life and I believe in a Two-Party system not a coalition system of 3 Parties.

The Tea Party Express is nothing new. In the 90’s it was “United We Stand” lead by Ross Perot. In the 70’s it was the John Birch Society lead by a bunch of angry white conservatives who pretty much sound like the Tea Party. In 1912 it was the Bull Moose Party and lead by Teddy Roosevelt against his own Party whom he had lead as President.

All failed because the American political system really does flourish in a two-party structure that demands compromise and bi-partisanship and while it may be to the frustration of many it beneficially provides the stalemate and challenge to ward against swift social trends impacting the core of our Constitution. But now personalities like Glen Beck and Sarah Palin are convinced that the problem with the Liberal Agenda of the Democrat Party is at its core a problem that starts with the Republican Party.  I disagree.

It is this far right, out of step and out of touch with reality right wing terror squad of hate, fear and anger that keeps the GOP from being able to execute its best core principals. Those principals being: National Defense, Economic Opportunity, Personal Liberty and Responsible Governance. I know they use the same words but when the Teabaggers say them I hear:   Social Intolerance, Austere Self-Reliance, Regressive Social Mores and Mob Rule.

Now I understand I paint a broad brush but the approach of the Tea Party has been no less an affront to the good sense of the Republican Party at times than the Leftwing radicalism of MoveOn or Code Pink. They are the same in their strategy to act out disruptive politics that squash productive politics in pursuit of their fascism and purity of ideology. That to me is un-American. 

I don’t believe that these candidates will win in Nov. If they are however elected regardless of the Party designation their affiliation will be first and foremost I fear for the 3rd party which is the Tea Party.  Worse if their agenda truly becomes the core of the Republican Party at which point the Teabaggers become the RINOs as they will be in my opinion “Republicans In Name Only” instead plainly presenting themselves as of United We Stand, The John Birch Society or The Bull Moose Party or just registering as the 3rd Party they are which is The Tea Party Express.

 There is room for the issues that Tea Parties raise make no doubt.  But there isn’t room for two-parties in one organization.  As for me I’m still just a Republican and as I’ve said before these kind of politics are not my cup of tea.

Copyright 2010 by Al Ramirez.  Used with permission.

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5 Responses to "Not My Cup of Tea by Al Ramirez"

  1. Not your cup of tea? Then perhaps you’re drinking the Kool-Aid.


    I certainly respect the author’s right to disagree with the platform the Tea Party Patriots. After all, it’s hard to get more than two people to agree on subjects that span the entire political spectrum, from concepts of economic responsibility to national defense. But the tone and tenor of “Not My Cup of Tea” sound more like something that the New York Times or the Huffington Post would write in order to bring out the Democratic vote. Why? Three reasons:

    1. The language used to describe Tea Party Patriots is pejorative. It is in step with the Saul Alinsky philosophy of ignoring factual issues while demonizing the personalities of the opposition. To use terms such as “right wing terror squad” without any supporting arguments suggest this is nothing more than propaganda. It’s a one-dimensional argument being presented at a time in American history when there are hundreds and hundreds of examples illustrating the hypocrisy, fiscal irresponsibility, corruption, condescension and contempt that the secular-progressives currently in power hold for the vast majority of American people. Need specific examples? Then read the web site “The Obama White House Diaries”. There are over 230 articles presenting facts followed by opinion. Each story can be considered a single tile of a mosaic, and if you stand back to look at the larger image, it becomes apparent that this country is under assault. Labeling concerned Americans as “tea baggers” while describing their grassroots organization as fascist, full of hate and “un-American” is deliberately inflammatory with no basis in fact.

    2. The article states that there is no room for two parties in one organization. I think it misses the point. The Tea Party Patriots do not represent a political party. They are a collection of citizens who realize that yesterday’s Democratic Party no longer exists. It has been replaced with radicals who grew up in the 1960s and are determined to redistribute wealth and extinguish the idea of American exceptionalism, while dismantling the Constitution and the balance of power within the federal government. The Tea Party Patriots understand that the game has been moved. This is no longer a left versus right struggle. The so-called “center” no longer exists. We are at a point in history when we must decide if we want to exchange our personal freedoms and authority over the government for the promise of a benevolent, bureaucratic ruling class who say they will provide for us. Think that’s a specious statement? Again, go to the Obama White House Diaries and look at the facts, which are documented with links to the original sources of the information. Then you decide. The Tea Party Patriots are not competing with the established Republican Party. The Tea Party Patriots are acting as an ombudsman for a Republican Party that totally lost its bearings during the Bush administration. Republican politicians became Democrat-light and set the stage for the radicals to assume power in order to “fundamentally change the United States of America”. Those aren’t my words. Those are Obama’s words.

    3. The article predicts Republican defeat with the statement “I don’t believe that these candidates (endorsed by the Tea Party Patriots) will win in November”. That sounds more like an opinion coming from DNC chairman Tim Kaine then it does of a “Republican” author expressing concern for the unification of the Republican Party.

    Let’s assume, however, that the author is right. What’s the alternative? Should we put all our hope and trust into the hands of federal politicians instead of ourselves? Should we look the other way when the evidence suggests that the Republican Party also believes in growing the federal government, albeit at a slower rate than the Obama administration, until everyone is employed by the President?

    The answer is NO. So stop drinking the Kool-Aid and switch to tea. You will live longer.

  2. Thank you Craig for saying most of what I’m thinking. Just for info, Sarah Palin came on board with the Tea Party movement after is got going. This is nothing like those other movements that Al mentioned. They were all personality based. This is freedom based. If we have no money we can’t be free!!! The only thing I would add to your comments it about the Republican’s elites. They are scared to death by this tea party movement. Its not under their control. Politician’s want power, Rep, Dem, Ind, whatever. The longer they are in office the more power they want and think they deserve. The constitution was designed to keep this from happening. Money is power, take their money away and they have less power, give them more money and they have more power over us all!!!!


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