Muslims Go Home!

                                                                          Muslims Go Home!
                                                                                 Ira Schwartz

“Muslims Go Home” was the chant that echoed through the canyons of Park Place in NYC. “If you hate us so much why don’t you leave” quickly followed. That was the rhetoric that escalated the protests outside the proposed mosque located two blocks from the World Trade Center site from just noisy to dangerous. Dangerous because the focus of the protest has now changed from anti mosque to anti Muslim.

Proof of exactly how dangerous the mood is on Tuesday a taxi cab driver in New York was asked by his passenger if he was a Muslim. When he said “yes” the passenger attacked him with a knife. The driver survived the attack and his assailant was arrested and charged with a “Hate Crime” among other things. And hate is one of the watch words here. Others are fear and yes, ignorance. Truth be told hate cannot flourish without fear and ignorance and there is a lot of all three in this country today. The hatred of those we do not totally understand and the fear that what happened before could happen again.

But this kind of fear, hate and ignorance is not unique to our time. Unfortunately it has reared its ugly head quite frequently in World history. In early 64 A.D. Nero began a long running persecution of Christians; in the late 1860’s in America, it was the Native Americans who suffered the wave of hatred; the 17, 18 and 1900’s saw African Americans suffer the brunt of bigotry; the 1930’s in Germany it was the Jews, Poles anyone who wasn’t a member of the Aryan race; the 1940’s in the United States it was the Japanese Americans who were forced out of their homes and placed in a concentration camp simply because they were of Japanese descent and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Today it’s the American Muslims, who have done nothing but quietly practice their religion and keep to themselves.

You see in this country, The United States of America, Muslims; as do all religions; have the “right” to worship any deity they wish on any day of the week they wish, WHEREVER THEY WISH. Also in this country people are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty of a crime. Just because someone is the same religion as most of the terrorist does NOT make them guilty of the same crime.

Every religion in the world has been used to justify mass violence sometime in human history. Those who are at the focal point of the violence usually twist and distort Holy Scriptures to fit their needs. Usually it’s simply “The Will of God” or “God is with us.” Since none of us were around when our holy books were written we have been left with the job of interpreting their meanings. Proof that this is not an easy job is all around us. Every religion has branches within themselves who interpret Holy Scriptures differently. So why is it so hard to understand the vast difference between the terrorists interpretation of the Quran from the majority of today’s American Muslims.

America is supposed to be the bastion of Freedom; a country the world looks up to for its democratic resolve and fairness. We are supposed to be better than what the late news has been showing to the world over the last few months. We are supposed to be better than the vile, hateful rhetoric that until now has been reserved to groups like the American Nazi Party and the KKK.

“America isn’t easy. America is advanced citizenship. You gotta want it bad, ’cause it’s gonna put up a fight. It’s gonna say “You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours. You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then the symbol of your country can’t just be a flag; the symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms. Then, you can stand up and sing about the “land of the free”.

Those words were written by screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and spoken by Michael Douglas as President Andrew Shepard in “An American President” released in 1995.

I used that quote in my article “America Rising” published on this website in January 2010.  The article spoke of how American patriotism and citizen awareness was at a high not seen in decades. How “We the People” must work together to get this country up and running again and how the freedoms secured for us by the sacrifice of so many must apply to all Americans with no exceptions. The hateful tone of those recent demonstrations in NYC which have now managed to spread to other sections of our great country can only lead me to believe some of us have forgotten that message. These are The UNITED States of America and in that grand title I see no mention of exceptions or exclusions.

I think all of us need to step back and take a deep breath. We need to understand what is really happening here and we need to understand this is happening in America, not in Iran, not in Iraq, not in Saudi Arabia. And above all we need to understand those who are on the receiving end of this hateful rhetoric are as American as you or me.

“I feel very sad. I have been here more than 25 years. I have been driving a taxi more than 15 years. All my four kids were born here. I never felt this hopeless and insecure before.”

That was a statement by Ahmed Sharif, the taxi cab driver who was stabbed in New York. All of us should feel just as insecure as Mr. Sharif because what is happening in New York City today; if not stopped; can happen to you and me tomorrow. “Watch the skies” people.

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38 Responses to "Muslims Go Home!"

  1. 8. Close all the Boarders.
    1. Send the Army Corps of Engineers, to build a 3 Layer Fence all across all borders
    Between MEXICO and THE United States.
    If they can build a wall all the way across the borders between
    North and South Korea The Army corps can build this WALL
    1. Put the National Guard on the borders of each State. 30 Thousand Or More as Needed.
    2. Add 5000 new INS agents.
    3. Anyone caught crossing, Send them back home.
    4. Caught crossing a second time, 1 year NO PLEA!!! Give them to the Sheriff in AZ. And double his Department.
    5. Build The O’Reilly Prison in Far North Alaska and send all illegal there to wait deportation of Jail term!!!! Then send them HOME!!!
    6. Send all illegals Home.
    7. Congress has the right to add or Delete parts of the 14th Amendment. Make it A crime to cross our borders and have your child.
    I Don’t Care From where they came!!
    The middle East, South America, China, Asia, Canada, Russia, or anywhere else, If there here on a visa and have not sign up for English classes or sign up to become a U.S Citizen, SEND THEM HOME. !!!!! ALL OF THEM!!! “If they can’t raise their hand and swear to God their allegiance to the Flag of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WITCH IT STANDS”!!!
    That means you put America first and everything else SECOND!!!
    Including your Religion “IF YOU CAN’T DO THIS”
    “GO HOME”!!

  2. Bravo!!!

    To reiterate a statement I made on Facebook two days ago.

    “What we have produced with this building is a backlash against all Muslims right now, even those who were born and raised here. It would appear that this has nothing to do with ground zero and more to do with an ethnic cleansing of sorts. We currently are being viewed as a fractured society who can’t even get along with each other by the rest of the world. Sadly, we are now mirroring those countries who have been at constant battle with each other over religious beliefs. Sorry, that’s now my America nor the America my grandparents traveled to for a better life. The old adage really still holds true: United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”

  3. There’s always a contigent of idiots who respond emotionally instead of rationally. I’m sure we’ll notice shortly that too many people will respond by claiming that Americans are inherently bigoted.

    These kinds always make it harder for the rest of us.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly some can shout “bigot! Racist!” and every other label everytime someone has a point of view that does not mirror their own. I agree with the tenet of Ira’s article but unfortunately, America is not a eutopic society. There are times we do not excercise the tolerance we should. But that does not mean we are all “haters” or “racists”. It is permissable to have a difference opinion of situations without being bigots in the true sense of the word. I am among those who oppose the building of the mosque at this hallowed location. Not because I am a hater of Muslims or a bigot but because it’s origin is of questionable motive and it’s presence is hurtful to thousands who lost friends and relatives on 9/11 . It is obvious the Imam does not have the funding necessary to build the mosque so who is footing the bill and what are their motives? I think it smacks of bad taste and a deliberate “in your face” attitude for the mosque to be built here and considering funding does not seem to be a problem, why not simply build it elsewhere. Not because they cannot build it here, we recognize in a free country you can build it where you please, but because it is offensive to so many Americans who still mourn those who lost their lives here. Above and beyond all else, I wish the finger pointing and labeling of people as bigots or haters or racists just because they voice their opinions should stop. If we were all of that ilk, we would have been resenting the many mosques that have peacefully existed all over this nation right along. Such has not been the case nor is it now. So it is possible to weigh in on this matter without all of us being accused of being in union with the person who would do harm to someone just because they are muslims.

  5. Well-written article, Ira. You present what has happened accurately. I don’t agree with the conclusion as to the source of the problem as the media and anyone supporting Park51 would like to have everyone believe. Hate and anger are directed toward anyone who has very valid reasons for not supporting this location. Are we to believe that 68% of the country opposing the mosque at this location are just haters or bigots?

    So those supporting this location had best do a gut-check regarding the anger and hatred THEY direct at those opposing the LOCATION, funding questions, etc. They make “united we stand” impossible unless it means we all submit to those pushing this location. That’s a rather arrogant elitist, not to mention hypocritical, point of view. More people are becoming opposed because of the hatred unjustifiably spewed toward anyone with opposing viewpoints.

    One can’t decry the hatred and anger without first acknowledging the role they play in creating it..

  6. How about we fix Mexico so they won’t want to come over here. We did it to Iraq why not Mexico?
    They are coming here because they have no hope in their own country. I just wonder how long this game will go on where we continuously call them our friends to the south. Their Government is so corrupt and self serving…well long story short it’s starting to remind me of ours. They care nothing about the United States and nothing about their own people either. I have been there and built houses for the homeless and fed the hungry. What I saw is the very rich and said to be corrupt and the very poor and starving hopping our fences to try to do better in America.
    What I’m saying is “They cross the border to leave their country as much as it is to come to ours…

  7. Racism by definition is “hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.” and Bigotry is defined as “: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance ” so tell me where have I erred. These above definitions fit almost 100% of the comments on blogs and news stories relating to the Mosque. As I also said most of the families of the victims of the Towers could care less about the location of the mosque and most don’t feel the Towers site is hallowed ground. If the site is so hallowed explain why they plan to put up two very tall comercial buildings there. PS…I know that answer. Also if the Jews planned a synagogue there or the Christians a church it wouldn’t have even made the NY Daily News. Again you are painting all Muslims with the same brush. Since all Terrorists are Muslim then all Muslims are terrorists. Guilty by association.

  8. Ira, as I stated, you presented the history and consequences of unfounded hatred and bigotry very well in your article. My comment was about the same unfounded hatred and bigotry directed at those with an opposing view. I could have substituted that entity in the article you wrote. This is not, therefore, directed at you or your article, unless it deserves to be. I simply am making a case that I see the anger directed by the proponents of Park51 toward 68% of fellow Americans who oppose it. The name-calling and abusive attacks are despicable, false, un-American, divisive, and only raise the level of anger higher.

    Thank you for the definition of racism; none of us knew that. That smacks of the statement made by Krauthammer in the link Lynn provided: “….the arrogant elites whose undisguised contempt for the great unwashed prevents them from conceding a modicum of serious thought to those who dare oppose them.”

    How valid are your points you stated? That the definition of racism Depends on what you choose to read and that confirms my statement that hatred has been directed by “news stories relating to the Mosque”. And the alphabet networks as well. Or Numbers and validation please.

    So I find your comments contemptuous. Lainey stated at least 2 valid reasons other than it being Muslim very clearly. Why not ask Howard Dean, Harry Reid, etc why they oppose it. Or why Giuliani refused the Saudi donation shortly after 9/11. Perhaps ask the cabbie, Mr. Sharif, why he opposed it. You are willing to state that 68% of this entire country who oppose it are racists or bigots or both? Of course not; it’s called concern for our country and principle.

    Maybe ask the Muslims who oppose the location:
    Some Muslims Oppose Ground Zero Mosque on Religious Grounds:

    Raheel Raza, author of THEIR JIHAD… NOT MY JIHAD – an internationally known speaker for racial, cultural, and religious diversity who opposes Park51:

    Rrefusal to give merit to the valid reasons to oppose Park51 is willful ignorance and it puts our country in jeopardy. Such denial suspends belief. The reasons for the opposition have been clearly stated, re-stated, and spoken copious times. I find it incomprehensible you have never heard or read them. And as you said, ignorance and fear, lead to hatred. Does this explain the hatred, anger, and divisiveness leveled by the pro-Mosque contingent toward 2/3 of this country who oppose the location? Don’t plead for us to be united when we are being divided by the progressives who favor Park51. The unmitigated and unrelenting hatred, anger, abuse, hypocrisy, and name-calling by the arrogant elitists is generating the growing anger and ironically, possibly growing the numbers against Park 51. It’s time that those who are pro-Park51 accept responsibility for turning this into an ugly confrontation. The conflict was local until the media helped turn it into an internationally viewed issue due to its hypocritical, arrogant, and unjustified anger and hatred toward the opponents.

    This was an attack that was deplorable and no one yet knows the motivations of Michael Enright. That is correct: his motives have NOT been determined. Yet, in less than 24 hours, anyone in favor of the center proposed has (predictably) gleefully and inexorably sought to advance its narrative that is false and highly disputed: that the racism, anger, and hatred of the opposition were responsible. This has stirred the pot of anger and is more deplorable.

    The liberal cabal resorts to denigrating and marginalizing the opposing views, as usual, due to its unrelenting elitism as the sole purveyor of truth and validity. It refuses to acknowledge valid points in search of a compromise, so it demeans and relegates any opponent as haters, bigots, rascists, and un-American. It is disengenuous to decry rising anger and hatred but then be largely responsible for it due to the hateful rhetoric and personal attacks on those opposing the location and who question, rightfully and responsibly so, the funding and the motives.

    Let us talk about the purchase of the location itself. Bought by a 36-year-old “billionare”, I believe is how he is described. America has sure been good to him as I remember reading that 3 years ago he was a waiter or bartender. He advanced to being a real estate broker for one year. The next, he paid $4.8 million CASH for the property. I may be wrong on the number of years at each job but I do reason I would have to be off terribly to invalidate the flags raised.

    It is reasonable to then question the source of the funds to build it. The argument that this would not pass muster with the OCC is rendered rather invalid if the $5 million to buy it was paid in cash and not questionned or scrutinized. Refusal to respond to any questions about funding does nothing to legitimize the transaction.

    If the Imam were sincere in his motives to reach out and heal, he could have offered to have rebuilt the church destroyed on 9/11. That congregation has fought NYC for 9 years to rebuild. Bloomberg and his ilk are more interested in pandering to the Muslim community to build a new building than to restore a building destroyed by the Muslim terrorists. Sensitivity and compassion seem one-sided: FOR every other religion or atheism than for the Judeo-Christian ethics upon which this country was founded. This is a time when sensitivity, respect, and freedom of religion is a one-way street named “Progressive” at the cross street of “One World Order”. So Ira, it is asinine to compare rebuilding corporate towers at the site where they were destroyed to building a new Muslim center in its shadow, which honors the religion of the extremists who killed 2700 innocent civilians nearby.

    Responsibility for the rising anger and divisiveness rests squarely on the shoulders of Mayor Bloomberg, Mrs. Khan, the media, and the countless progressives and elitists so eager to advance their agenda and narrative in spite of evidence and multitudinous denials to the contrary. They rush to aggressively stir the pot then eagerly await the inevitable self-fulfilling prophecy, whining about the hate they continue to advance. It’s time their hypocrisy and hatred stop which is why I demanded a gut-check. Lacking that, look in a mirror.

    Buried at the bottom of the NY TIMES article, were that Enright favored the current location for the mosque. Furthermore, he has been a volunteer with Intersections International, put together by churches in NYC to foster justice and faith across all religions and cultures. It strongly supports the Mosque at ground zero and helped pay for Enright’s trip to Afghanistan, where reportedly he saw and photographed front-line engagements. The only thing ANYONE knows is that Enright is disturbed.

    Once again, I will turn a point you made back to you Read: “Since all of the haters are against the Mosque, then all who are against the Mosque are haters. Guilty by association.”

    If you are still unable to understand the valid reasons, after re-stating them again for all to see, then there is no point to continue as I can only conclude you do not WANT to see. In any case, I’m done.

  9. The facts remain they have the absolute right to build their mosque wherever they like. As I have said if a synagogue or church was to be built there no one would care. That being the case I can only assume that it is because they are Muslim. And this is not JUST happening in NYC it is happening in several other locations in America. Your response below just reinforces the blind anger that is involved in this debate. You say they have the right to build it in that location then with the same breath you say they shouldn’t. Either they have the right or they don’t. You can’t have it both ways. By the way that definitions is from The Webster Dictionary. That’s funny I don’t remember stating that 68% of the country are racists but if the shoe fits..and by the way Lainey stated no “valid” reasons for why she feels it shouldn’t be built. As I said Ground Zero is NOT a shrine; it is NOT a cemetery and it is NOT a landmark. It is a commercial property that will soon have two very tall COMMERCIAL buildings there. So present all the arguments and sugar coat them any way you want the bottom line is they have the right to build it there and people are trying to denying them that right because they are Muslim. End of story.

  10. I want to note that a couple of my paragraphs are confusing because the sentences I copied/pasted from Ira’s comments, did not paste. Such as paragraph 3 which should read

    How valid are your points you stated? That the definition of racism “fit almost 100% of the comments on blogs and news stories relating to the Mosque”. Depends on what you choose to read and that confirms my statement that hatred has been directed by MSM and liberal rags and are the “news stories relating to the Mosque” that too many choose to read and listen to. Or as you also said that “most of the families of the victims of the Towers could care less about the location of the mosque and most don’t fee the Towers site is hallowed ground”. Numbers and validation please?

    Next to last paragraph should read:
    Once again, I will turn a point you made back to you “Again you are paintiung all Muslims with the same brush. Since all Terrorists are Muslim then all Muslims are terrorists. Guilty by association” Read: Since all of the haters are against the Mosque, then all we who are against the Mosque are haters. Guilty by association.

    Just underscoring the self-serving hypocrisy I cited.

  11. Your last comment indicates that you are really no better than the liberals you are complaining about. You are just branding everyone who doesn’t agree with you as part of the liberal conspiracy. Second, of all of the families contact only twenty two cared to answer, most wanted to be left alone. 11 were for the mosque 10 were against it. If you’d like I can list the names for you. ” Read: Since all of the haters are against the Mosque, then all we who are against the Mosque are haters. Guilty by association.” Those are your words not mine and they are an assumption on your part. But in all your rambling you failed to address the two most important questions….if it was a synagogue or a church going up there it would built with no press coverage or protests. So if you agree that a church or synagogue would be built without a protest then I say again that only leaves you with one conclusion…people are protesting because the temple is for Muslims. And ground zero is not a shrine, it is not a cemetery it is a commercial property that will eventually be home to commercial structures and the owner will make lots of money from it. If the city, state or federal government wanted a shrine they would have purchased the land and built one. They didn’t. The only self hypocracy here is you. Stating with one breath “that they have the right to build the mosque” then with the other you say “just not here”. If the shoe fits

  12. I have already said the Muslims have right to build their mosque where ever they want, but I also have a right to be offended by it. Ira you are correct that were this a Synagog or a church being proposed there would be no outrage. I will admit that, But bear in mind it wasn’t Jews or Christians who shouted “God is great” as they steered those planes into the twin towers on that fateful morning. It was Muslims, …………. Muslims following the tenets of their Quran to kill the infidels. Well, we are still the infidels and their Quran still demands our expulsion so do I want to see a muslim phoenix rising from the ashes to ever decree their victory? No I do not. Do I hate all Muslims.?…….no! On the surface the facts look neatly laid out and appear that we bad Americans are being politcally incorrect in rejecting a mosque at this location, but I say their motives are anything but the benign picture they portray. By excercising the bad taste to force the buidling of this edifice at this location, they only reinstate my views. Simply put, the wounds are raw, they are the salt. So let it be written.

  13. But Lainey you also must understand those Muslims that will be praying and coming to the Mosque didn’t fly those planes into the world trade center either. So you are saying because they are muslim they are responsible for what people they never knew did? Okay then by the same token all christians are responsible for what Hitler did because Hitler was raised a Christian and believed in Jesus Christ. Same difference. You admit you are doing this because they are Muslim. Think about the implications of that statement. You are singling out one particular group because of their religious beliefs. You are condemning them not for anything they HAVE done but what you THINK they MIGHT do. Does that sound right to you? I truly hope it doesn’t.

  14. Funny how it works:
    Yes, those Muslims building and attending that Mosque did not fly those planes. Obviously not or they’d be dead. But, I’ll bet you money if you asked 100 of them what they thought of 911 at least 90% of them would say what most of them that were asked elsewhere said.” It was a terrible thing but I agree with it. ”
    So I guess it’s clear who stands in the prime position to be called a “Bigot” and who agrees with it but conveniently takes no responsibility for it.
    You compare their religion to others so freely while they themselves make a very strong point both verbally and with their actions that their religion is far superior to yours no matter what yours may be and that the two should not be compared or even spoken of in the same sentence. They also teach and it will be taught there in this new Mosque as well that killing the infidel (us) is not only ok but advised.
    So who is the real bigot here?

  15. And how about a hypothetical just for the Hell of it:

    The main case for the Mosque is that they have a right to build it. Forget everyone’s moral issues…they have a right. And that’s what’s fair.
    So you have a right also in America to freedom of religion just as they do…right? I think not!
    If you started a religion tomorrow (which you supposedly have a right to do) and went as far as to copy and pasted from the Koran itself the views of their religion and the killing of the infidel and the teachings they embed into their children but turned it around and said in your religion it’s not only ok but advised to kill all Muslims in the name of God…see how far you would get when the word went out!
    You would be attacked on all fronts and Obama himself would call you names you would be lucky to pronounce. Wanna bet that I’m wrong?
    What’s fair about that…???

  16. You’d probably lose that bet but since that is an impossibility to prove one way or the other it is a moot point. Everything you’ve said in your comment is a supposition on your part. Their religion is no different than early Chrisitanity or Judiism. Remember the Crusades and what was also done to the Mexicans, Aztecs and Mayans all in the name of religion. So don’t preach to me about how all they want to do is kill the infidel. And all religions believe theirs is the superior one. If people didn’t believe that they wouldn’t practice that religion. Anything else?

  17. You’re kifdding me right Bruce? Have you read the Quran or are you just constantly quoting things other people have been saying? My suggestion is to go on line and read the section you are talking about. Then come back and argue the point with me. Till then it is only hearsay.

  18. Like the Bible its the way they interpret it. And right after 911 there were several poles taken about the issue and I guess you missed them all.
    Yet you claim there is no way to find out…I’m going off what I saw and what the percentage said after it happened. What are you going off of?
    Do you deny that there are today schools and Mosques as well as independent meeting places for Muslims all over the world where Muslims meet to teach the killing of the Infidel and the Governments there know it and protect them for freedom of religion?
    It’s not just the radicals…
    My point is those schools, Mosques or what ever do exist in numbers, are well documented and will exist by law but if you tried to teach what they are teaching but turned it around 180 on them you would be dreamed a monster.

  19. Ira,
    Let me ask you a straight out question that the answer alone would explain a few things.
    If a number of the Muslims in that future Mosque or any other were to over hear plots being talked about against American/Jews what do you think the chances of them going to the authorities are?
    If the same thing happened in a Christian Church what would the chances be?

    My guess is this question will either be answered with a question or not at all…

  20. As far as I’m concerned, it’s about the motives of Imam Feisal Rauf, not about Muslims in general. The Imam’s actions, past and present, give proof to the motive of “stickin’ it to America”.

    Again, he has every right to build and express his views but his stated aim of wanting to bring about better relations between all parties concerned is laughable and an outright lie. The guy is a jerk – but that’s not against the law.

  21. Let them build it…then maybe someone will fly a plane into it and we can spend the next 10 years calling them “Bigots” for not liking it…it could happen.

  22. comment 24…You’re absolutely right Bruce. It is all open to interpretation. What I would like is for you to show me the polls that say that today. Send me the websites. And no I don’t deny it what I do deny is that EVERY mosque is that way.

    Comment 25: I think the chances are almost equal in both locations. Americans are Americans. But again there is no way to prove that one way or the other and like you, it is just my opinion.

    And Lynn do you know Rauf? If not how do you know what his motives are? Much less know he is a liar? Please tell me how you know this. I would really like to know.

  23. comment 28: Naw the buildings not tall enough….maybe a city garbage truck loaded with fertilizer and such. The smell from the garbage would mask the scent of the fertilizer.

  24. About the “Muslims Go Home” article, in which you mentioned the internment camps of WWl & WWll. They both were instituted by Progressive presidents Wilson & FDR. That hate is now being spewed by our Progressive congress & administration toward those that oppose them, specifically “those tea baggers”.

    I also think we need to heed the warnings from other countries where the Muslim phenomenon started off quietly & peaceful enough then quickly grew to an out of control situation. We have 2 very different groups that are permeating our country& stand to change it’s landscape, not just Muslims but illegal immigrants. We need to seal our borders and take steps to fix our immigration problems. We can’t fix an overflowing sink with out turning the water off first.

    As for the Muslims, they have influenced our history books in the schools & are trying to influence policy in our courts. If they truly want to to be treated as Americans, they need to act like Americans & not segregate themselves. What about “honor killings”? Those are going on here & are not being treated as serious threats. We don’t per-se, hate Muslims but we do hate what some of them are doing.

  25. Ira, I’m sorry I’m not able to give you references with this answer. I’m having minor surgery tomorrow and I don’t have the time.

    I’ve read info on several of his past comments, books, interviews, etc. If it walks like a duck …

  26. new world order truth about obama and information is extremely hard to come by and when you do it is hardly ever credible. When my boss sent me your link I thought he was joking at first. It is a little disturbing in more ways than one that the state of the world today is closer to the WarGames reality than we ever thought possible. Thank you for offering such an authoritative approach to the truh, especially in these most confusing of times.


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