Of Free Speech, Illegal Immigration and Border Wars

Frank DeMartini

As all of my friends, relatives and acquaintances know, I have just returned from Bangkok, Thailand where I have been since January prepping and shooting a film called “Elephant White” with Djimon Hounsou and Kevin Bacon. On the whole, the experience was rewarding. Working with Prachya Pinkaew, the internationally acclaimed Director was both a treat and a learning experience. I know it will continue as such during the post-production period.

However, while in Thailand, I also was a student: A student of free speech and the right of assembly and tolerance. Three items that I used to believe we had here in America. Thailand, the country were a military coup took over control of the government a few years ago is now on the verge of a civil war. Even though it is a military run country, its people have more freedom of expression than we have here in the United States thanks to the PC movement, the ACLU and our friends on the Far Left.

The political situation in Thailand can be considered fragile at best. The two political parties are on the verge of what may be a violent and bloody civil war. When I left there about ten days ago, the Red Shirt Party had taken control of downtown Bangkok and, for all intents and purposes, had occupied it. The party in control, The Yellow Shirts, has allowed this to happen.

What started as a peaceful protest against the government is on the verge of becoming violent. Already, there have been minor skirmishes in which guns have been fired, grenades have been launched and a small group of people on both sides have been killed.

However, for the most part, the military and local police have exercised restraint and did not permit the situation to get out of control. They were ready to defend the populace by being fully armed and patrolling the streets, but they did not do anything to take away the rights of the protestors. Freedom of Speech and Assembly were respected by both sides.

Unfortunately, this is not what is happening in the United States. The Far Left, as stated in some of my prior articles, has been doing everything in its power to take away these freedoms in our country. In fact, Nancy Pelosi has actually called the Tea Party protestors the equivalent of Nazis. She has stated that she would like them to cease from all activities and simply does not want to give them the right to protest.

The same also seems to be true of a large portion of our country in response to the Arizona Immigration Law. In fact, the City of Los Angeles and other organizations are calling for a boycott of Arizona in response instead of recognizing that Arizona has a right to protect itself if the Federal Government refuses to do such. Arizona is merely exercising its Tenth Amendment Rights.

A careful reading of the Arizona Law shows that it is nothing more than a state codification of the current federal law; all legal immigrants and legal non-immigrants are required to show proof of their right to be in the country if requested by proper authorities. The law is not fascist nor a return to Nazi Germany as has been suggested by those who oppose it. And, it is not an affront on the Hispanic Community. It is simply an affront on illegal aliens. It is an affront on those who have no right to be in the United States, whether they be Hispanic, Eastern European or Asian. I am the grandchild of immigrants. My grandparents came through Ellis Island at the turn of the last century. They followed the law and became American in the proper manner. They did not hold onto the Old Country. In fact, my parents barely spoke any Italian at all. They were told to become American. They were no longer Italian.

Arizona is dealing with a problem that must be dealt with. In fact, the immigration statute is so popular that a number of other states, including Texas and Michigan, that’s right liberal Michigan, are considering similar statutes. A poll released today shows that 64% of the population approves the law.

The illegal immigration situation in Arizona and other states on the Border has reached crisis proportions. Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen explains the law and her reason for supporting it in her commentary on why she voted for the statute. You can find a full text of her commentary at: http://tucsoncitizen.com/the-cholla-jumps/2010/05/01/state-senator-sylvia-allen-responds-to-sb1070/. In that article, she explains the problems on the Border; the uncontrollable influx of illegals and, drug traffickers using the border in Arizona as the principle means of bringing drugs into the United States.

The facts are clear. Illegal immigrants are filling up both state and federal prisons; they are a drain on federal and state welfare; and, they are a drain on our education system. They are responsible for a large portion of the murders and other felonies throughout the country. In fact, the situation on the Arizona Border has gotten so bad that it can almost be considered a war zone. People are being murdered on both sides of the border daily. That’s right, daily. The Federal government is doing nothing to stop the situation and would grant illegals amnesty if permitted. The states must take the matter into their own hands. They are going bankrupt and must do whatever is necessary and legal to protect their citizens and budgets.

You may wonder why the Federal Government is not doing anything to curb the tide of illegal immigration. The answered is simple. The party in power sees illegal immigrants as a potential voting block that would support them. If the Democratic Party cannot get votes from naturally born and/or naturalized citizens, then it will get them from wherever it can, especially in Arizona and Texas which lean heavily to the right. Imagine giving illegal immigrants the right to vote in these two states. It could be just enough to tip them to the left.

Cinco de Mayo was celebrated a few days ago. This is a national holiday in Mexico. In some states with large Mexican populations including Arizona and California, it is becoming a day of celebration too. A group of students in a Southern California High School decided that they were going to celebrate America on Cinco de Mayo by wearing shirts with the American Flag on them. The administrators in the school decided that this was inappropriate behavior and demanded that the students change their shirts or turn them inside out. It must have been the administration’s viewpoint that the American Flag should not be displayed on Cinco de Mayo.

The students were then subjected to discipline by the school board when they refused to remove their shirts. When the parents of these students found out what was happening, they went to Fox News with the story. Fox News chose to air it. It was later picked up by both NBC, CBS and @ yahoo. In my opinion, the school district is clearly violating these students Right to Assembly and Free Speech. To date, the school district has not apologized for its actions. However, they have ceased the disciplinary proceedings against the students.

Since when did it become bad to love the United States? Since when did it become in bad taste to be a dissenter? Don’t the Federalist Papers and the Equal Protection Clause state that protection of the minority is one of the guarantees of the Constitution? Apparently, in this school district the non-Mexicans are the minority and they are being disciplined for exercising their Constitutional Rights and showing love for their country.

In similar story, a grammar school student in another part of the country was stopped from drawing an American Flag with the words God Bless America on it by her teacher. The teacher felt that this drawing was inappropriate content. I guess the teacher felt that God shouldn’t bless America or that the American Flag, a symbol that millions have fought and died for, was not a proper art project for a student at the elementary school level.

It appears that the Administrators in the Sout
hern California school district and the grammar school teacher have less tolerance than the military controlled government and people of Thailand. This also appears to be unfortunately true for most of the left leaning people in this country, including our current President. We all need to remember this in November when we cast our votes to take our country back.

© 2010 by Frank T. DeMartini. Permission to copy will be granted freely upon request.

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30 Responses to Of Free Speech, Illegal Immigration and Border Wars

  1. Anonymous on May 13, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    Funny, where was all this support for dissention and acknowledgment of freedom of press and speech when citizens were out in the street protesting the Iraq invasion? Weren't those people labeled un-American by our own government and conservative press? You can't tell me otherwise buddy. Also, you cannot avoid the matter that a person of color in this country (a person who does not look "white") has historically had to endure a different set of criteria in order to live their lives as an American. That is the history of this country and though I fully support a state's right to act and protect itself, the manner in which Arizona legislators are defending their rights to do so is lacking intelligence because it ignores the historical racial equation that still exists today in this country. How about this thought… Who gave your family the right to come to this country way back when? Why did they feel entitled to come over here? And sure they became legal Americans. But they too were discrimated against for being Italian or Catholic, yes? So, other than a few crayola shades of skin tone, how much has this country really changed in terms of how it deals with people who want to come here for whatever reason? And to link illegal immigration with the problems of drugs and rising jail population is quite ignorant in my opinion, because the majority of the people who are buying the drugs that come into this country and the people who are committing the crimes that land them in jail are US citizens – not illegal aliens. I believe one solution to illegal immigration can be solved by rethinking how cheap labor can be legally exploited, and having real conversations at a local level about racial and religious tensions in this country. But, I'm a pessimist and I don't believe the elected officials that supposedly serve us will ever come to such a conclusion. And who are we taking this country back from in November? Not the illegal immigrants. There's only a small percentage of them when compared to the total number of US citizens. So, take it back from the drug dealers? The criminals? Gays? People of color? It doesn't matter, because soon enough, another drone will fly over some foreign country and kill some more bad guys. That's our priority right now, yes? Wait, how about putting some drones on the border to take out them pesky illegals? And let's just all make sure we have our papers so that when the locals cops pull us over, we can prove we are citizens. Appreciate your thoughts, citizen. Hope you appreciate mine.

  2. Rick on May 13, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    Frank, I agree with you, and as someone who has lived in Arizona for 20 years, I can tell you that this state has changed a great deal. What's saddest is that there was more harmony before both Californians moved here in fear of earthquakes and Mexicans (and others) invaded here illegally. Arizona's hand was forced by not only Washington, but our own John McCain who accused fence supporters of being racists.

    But for the record, Cinco de Mayo is NOT a holiday celebrated in Mexico. It is a small-scale holiday celebrated by Mexican-Americans, which beer companies and other retailers parlayed into an American holiday. I have a few Mexican friends born there, and they never heard of the holiday until they emigrated LEGALLY to the U.S.

  3. Deborah A. Cook on May 13, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    I will agree the illegal immigration situation is a problem which must be dealt with expeditiously. What I do take offense to is your innuendos laying the blame for the situation at the feet of the "liberals". For eight long years the "other" administration as well as those in power in DC turned a blind-eye to the constant flow of aliens crossing our borders and inhabiting our neighborhoods. Now that the situation is completely out of control we are going to call it a "liberal" problem. Excuse me? As to your tea party references, the woman who was the brainstorm behind that movement announced herself on the view recently how upset she is with what the movement has become to date. She is saddened that what it has produced is a far departure from her objective towards holding our elected officials fiscally accountable. She further stated that those individuals who want to tout violence, racism or ignorance need to cease from including themselves at the REAL tea party gatherings as those are not principles which she or the original founders ascribe to. Personally speaking, I was gladdened to know it really wasn't some loon that inspired that movement, just those who have tried to take it over and change it towards their own agendas.
    One more thing, unless I have a total misunderstanding of our founding father's mission long ago, I understood them to be seeking religious freedom. RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. Therefore, one was free to worship, God, Allah, Buddha, Isaiah, etc. or even atheism. Where is it written that one of those listed above is the mandated choice for all to embrace? All our important to some, none is important to all.

  4. Ira on May 13, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    Anonymous get your facts straight before you call someone ignorant. According to Edwin Rubensteins article "Criminal Alien Nation" 267,000 illegal aliens were incarcerated in US correctional facilities in 2003. The numbers are at least doubled that today. The article continues that approximately 27% of all prisoners in Federal custody are criminal illegal aliens and 67% of those are citizens of Mexico.
    According to Heather MacDonalds The Illegal Alien Crime Wave in Los Angeles 95% of some 1,500 outstanding warrants for homicides are for illegal aliens as are 67% of the 17,000 outstanding fugitive felony warrants. Also according to a report by the House Committee on Homeland Security only 10-30% of illegal aliens carrying drugs are apprehended and only 10 -20% of the drugs they are carrying are seized. Both authors got their figures from SCAAP and the General Acounting Office. So I guess it is you who is the ignorant one with respect to exactly what is crossing our border from Mexico. And just to let you know I don't think the Arizona Law is the right way to do things and that it will probably be overturned by the Supreme Court.

  5. Anonymous on May 13, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    I am American Indian and I have to laugh at the weak and piss ant statements that are fed to our children who are growing up and trying to get a handle on society. The entire cry baby protest is based on "Racial Profiling". A term that started years ago when a bank robber was described by the main stream media to be an Afro American. Then someone like Jesse Jackson shot his stupid mouth off and said it was racial profiling because just because his skin was dark doesn't mean he was a black man. All of this when the eye witnesses (some black) said he was an Afro American. Then away we go this opened the door for people like Al Sharpton and others like the ACLU to make it a border line crime to tell the police what you saw with your own eyes.
    Now it has been adapted to keep the police from asking someone if they belong in our country or not.
    We first passed laws making it illegal then we turn around and put a spineless system in place where you aren't allowed to ask if someone if they are breaking the law or not. So let’s make laws that say you can't come here illegally and then pass one that says don't worry…we're not allowed to ask you anyway. That makes as much sense as the two party system makes and has got us about as far.
    My people were hunted down by the Federal Government, shot and killed to steal their land and treated like and portrayed like animals in the movie and television industry. And with all that I can't have any respect what so ever for some whiney assed Mexican or anybody else crying about being stopped for a traffic infraction and asked to show his papers. If you are that big of a pussy I can't help you. Here is a question that will set all of you off. Why did we go over to Iraq (let's pretend it wasn't oil) to free people and be so called "Liberators" when we could have walked to Mexico and found the same situation. The problem is that the Mexican people can't live in their own country and the Government (if that's what it is) there make Saddam Hussein look like Pee Wee Herman and we look the other way. We should go in to Mexico and kill every drug lord in existence and put a Government in place formed of men and women who love their people and their country. This would be an interesting switch because from where I sit we don't even have that here and maybe we will end up being the ones jumping over the fence.


  6. Anonymous on May 13, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    Oh, great read Franky. This is a huge issue. I hate to see people down playing its importance.


  7. Deborah A. Cook on May 14, 2010 at 7:06 am

    Bruce you make many valid points in your submission to the argument, I concur with much of it. What I do find difficult to grasp is knowing what "your people" went through, knowing how wrong it was and yet embracing the same type of targeting that is being proposed with this new law. It was wrong when our forefathers took ownership of this land, it was wrong when we adopted slavery laws establishing yet another segment of second class individuals and it is wrong now. Yes there is a problem, yes it needs to be addressed immediately, but to target folks based solely on ones physical qualities is not the answer. We have laws already in place to prevent what has happened, they've all been ignored and tossed aside. Fines and penalties for employers who hire these folks, following through with deportation for those convicted of crimes and many, many other actions already on the books would cause a great impact on the situation. I do not agree with taking a wrong from the past, coupling it with another wrong in the present and somehow having it equal a right for today. It would seem many of us have become so impassioned today, (which is not a completely bad thing), that we are willing to take a complete departure from the principles we held so proudly as Americans in the past.

  8. Deborah A. Cook on May 14, 2010 at 7:31 am

    Frank for the record:
    your last sentence regarding November and taking "our country back". First, what insight do you possess which guarantees these new politicians will be any different than the former ones? The system itself is enormously corrupt and in order for any of them to remain in place long enough to have any impact they will be forced to play the games too. Unless you are proposing a complete upheaval of ALL incumbents nothing will change. Additionally where is it written that one factions perspectives or viewpoints are the true definition of what "our country" means. Many felt the same way when our children were sent off to war or the constitution was being dismantled or we deregulated ourselves right into a recession, but it never ceased being "our country", we just didn't like what was taking place. It's still our country, all of ours, yours and mine. I'm growing very weary of that whole mindset which seems to be initiated by a few television figures who are raking in the dough while stirring up the some of the populace.

  9. Anonymous on May 14, 2010 at 9:59 am


    Thank you for the response and I understand your feelings. The problem I have is people seem to forget that there is thought to be 11 million illegals in this country and I think we both know it's probably twice that. Although I agree that stiffer penalties on people who hire them would help…of course it would and I feel it is right to do so…but we need to get rid of the 10-20 million that are already here and if you can't ask them a simple question how in the Hell will we go about doing this? The honor system? I don't think so. I also don't think that stiffer fines and penalties will make the ones that are here go back…I think the crime rate would just double personally…now what?


  10. Deborah A. Cook on May 14, 2010 at 10:36 am

    Perhaps we better go back to what appears to be the origin of the problem. I have questioned for some time now, why our own government hasn't been addressing this issue before it became the massive problem it is. "On November 25, 2002, President George W. Bush signed the Homeland Security Act of 2002 into law. This law transferred the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) functions to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Immigration enforcement functions were placed within the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the immigration service functions were placed into the separate USCIS. On March 1, 2003, the INS ceased to exist and services provided by that organization transitioned into USCIS. Unlike most other federal agencies, USCIS is funded almost entirely by user fees. Under President George W. Bush's FY2008 budget request, direct congressional appropriations made about 1% of the USCIS budget and about 99% of the budget was funded through fees. The total USCIS FY2008 budget was projected to be $2.6 billion."

    So for years and years we turned our heads, allowed these folks to enter illegally and now don't even supply the funds needed to attack the issue effectively. Also if this is any indication of how the Dept of Homeland Security operates, we're all screwed!!

    I lived in Phoenix for six years and know all too well how this is impacting the economy, the educational system, the housing industry as well as the job market. It's astounding, to say the least! To allow this to have happened in the first place is egregious and frankly, an embarrassment. I don't want to appear just as stupid, (as a society), when it comes to fixing it. Surely there is someone bright enough to initiate a plan which will offer a sound resolve without having us appear as a society of insensitive slugs.

  11. Ira on May 14, 2010 at 10:43 am

    I see your point Bruce but what about the legal citizens? They have a right too. The right to not be harassed by local or federal law enforcement. And make no mistake that what this law essentially allows them to do…harass law abidding citizens by asking them to produce identification just because they look asian or latina. They know where most of the illegals are they just need to spend the effort to collect them, process them and deport them. I don't know any local juristiction that has the man power or finances to do that. If you read my earlier comment you can see by the numbers we have a problem bigger than most thought. It's past time the feds did something about it and enough with the amnesty. If this was any country in europe, asia or the middle east they all would be jailed and the key thrown away. We just can't afford to look the other way anymore.

  12. Ira on May 14, 2010 at 10:51 am

    Deb…This problem has been festering longer than 2002 and it's been ignored by Republicans and Democrates alike. It's typical Washington Business as Usual. Wait till the problem is so bad it's overwhelming them throw billions of dollars at and hope it goes away. We're just about at the billion dollars phase now. Watch what will happen in the next couple of months. The President or some government official will get before a mic and tell everyone how bad it is and how the government will study the problem. Then 6 to 8 weeks later they will tell us what the committee has suggested and how in a ten point plan the government will tackle the problem with a completion date around 2012. Then nothing will happen till October of 2012…just in time for elections.

  13. Anonymous on May 14, 2010 at 10:55 am

    There is a huge difference between bright and backbone. There are plenty of people bright enough but in America every year is an election year if you ask a politician. Therefore there is no backbone to be found.
    As for Homeland Security…you are so right. The total purpose of Homeland security was to make sure that what supposedly happened during 911 never happens again. That being the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. It was to put all Government agencies on the same page and keep them all well informed. If you watch the movies that are on my facebook page and posted in other places about the border you will see that the huge list called "OTM" (Other than Mexican) which included a slew of Middle Eastern Radicals that were prancing into America via the Mexican border was never given to Homeland Security and they claim on camera that they had never seen the list and didn't know a thing about it. I guess Homeland security doesn't work for crap when you take something of this magnitude into consideration.


  14. Anonymous on May 14, 2010 at 11:15 am


    I know what you are saying is true but even Glenn Beck said the other night that at some point you have to put some form of faith in your local law enforcement. Remember, the chief of police is a voted position and can be changed as needed or voted. People paint this picture of Nazi Germany and so on…come on!
    Right now the police have the authority to pull you over for just about anything if they think you are a law breaker. They rely on "you were swerving" which there is no way to prove in court if you were or were not thus they can ask you for your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. Do you feel abused? I don't! Because they just don't do that and if they did they have to answer to a higher power for it. This is nothing more than cry baby bullshit… and an excuse to get away with committing a crime. Bear in mind the ones that come here legally have to divulge all that information and a whole lot more to get legal papers and they don't complain.
    It's only the law breakers that complain and of course they would. To be a true American is to not only abide by but to demand the enforcement of the laws we put in place. If you don't care about the laws both breaking them and enforcing them you should not be given citizenship. Try being a cop some time and stand there looking at a person you feel is breaking the law you swore to uphold and you are not even allowed to ask them a question. Give me a break! And we wonder why we are here. And for the record…you are all right. Our Government got us here and they are hoping for nothing more than a cowardly and simple fix for the problem so they can get on to wasting our money elsewhere. And don’t think the illegals and their friends and family don’t know this!


  15. Anonymous on May 14, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    And every one of the “feel good” arguments emerges mainly as a fundamental attack on the basic principle that America, any civilized sovereign culture, is a nation of “laws.” Have we no choice but to break laws, violate the Constitution and create crisis if we are to redistribute the wealth? When we give all law breakers the same civil rights that a law abiding citizen has we are on a very slippery slope. Eric Holder is admitting that with his “Miranda Rights” millstone. And to be clear, no one is advocating the “abuse” of anyone. Regardless of intentions, there will always be the unintended consequences and exception. Deal with it, avoid anarchy.

    When we enter another country, board a plane, enter a court room, cross some border, seek a loan, mortgage, withdraw money from a bank, apply for a passport, enroll our children in a school, apply for a security clearance, violate DMV laws, raise suspicion due to aberrant behavior, violate our neighbor’s rights and privileges, violate any established laws, deal with any federal agency on issues of national importance, try to enter most any federal building, we have to present our “papers.” When we go abroad we are targeted, profiled and treated as a Westerner. Most carry that as a badge of honor.

    And all of this is profiling us as foreigners. And as long as we are not “abused,” we should find no fault; no we should be glad someone cares about who we are because they might just catch the “bad guys” who may want to do us harm. There isn’t a law, rule or regulation that doesn’t irritate or infringe on someone’s personal “rights”. There is a price to be paid for freedom and security. And for the contrarian, we do not ignore “abuses’, we prosecute them, if appropriate.

    When we choose to shut down the right to free speech just because some misguide individual yelled fire in a crowded theater, when we regulate the free use of vehicles because some people continue to drink, text, ignore speed limits, and cause fatal accidents, when we regularly inspect planes, trains and ships because of the statistic inevitability of recurring transportation tragedies, when we take legal recourse against kidnappings, human smuggling, illegal aliens, when we fight against abuse of humans with low wages because of their illegal emigrant vulnerability, when we cripple our economy because we limit the safe, safe is an eternal experiment (research the pharmaceutical companies on “safety”), expansion of wind, solar, nuclear, oil, coal and hydroelectric resources, the argument, for those who would research them there is a delicate balancing act of laws, rules and regulations and they must be protected against the abuse of “insidious control.” And constitutionality is the gold standard.

    Feeling sorry for the less fortunate is a good human emotion. But tough love is a better one. We are a nation of laws. As much as we would like, unless we wish to surrender that for which we have worked so hard to achieve, we can only help those less fortunate, our choice, for only as long as our survival is not threatened.

    Profiling is use to identify, Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, Progressives, Fascists, Criminals, and bleeding hearts. The problem arises when profiling is abused and infringes on, not “protects”, our right, a citizen’s right, to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. When we unilaterally cede these principles to terrorists, and others who ignore our laws, hate or dislike us and have not legally obtained these rights, we have ceded the one principle that makes America great. That principle is that we are not only a nation of individuals, a nation of immigrants, but we are first and foremost a nation of laws. And when we cease to abide by those laws, we will suffer, civil unrest will materialize, crisis will appear and capitalism will be in danger of a manipulated self destruct. There are people at the highest level in our global elitism that wish for our downfall. Without laws and due process, we lose.

  16. Ira on May 14, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    Hey Bruce just to let you know I was a cop. I've been there and done that and I know what you are talking about. The laws are already on the books and need to be enforced by ICE and the FBI not local law enforcement who don't have the man power or the money to do this. When all is said and done Arizona may wish they never heard of the Immigration Law.

  17. Anonymous on May 14, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    Understood but ICE and FBI don't come in contact with these individuals in everyday business as usual like the police do. The cops run into criminals all the time that are wanted federally and end up turning that person or persons over to the FBI. This is like here near Palm Springs if and officer does run into illegals he calls the office of the border Patrol and they take it from there. The fact is…the job gets done. I feel this will be handled the same way. I think they will only be deported anyway which does nothing basically.


  18. Deborah A. Cook on May 14, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    I'm not so ego-maniacal that I believe I have all the answers and I'm adult to admit when I've been wrong in the past. I've read the whole Bruce/Ira dialogue that took place here and have to say there are substantive points to both arguments. I don't have the answer, my gut tells me this law isn't it, but we'll all just have to see I guess. My prayer is that this along with the ninety billion other crisis we are facing as a nation get resolved in some fashion.

  19. Ira on May 14, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    If it were that simple Bruce I'd agree but it takes time to do the paperwork and it cost money to process and transport to the federal lockup. If the ICE were doing their job the locals would never have to expend the time and money to do it for them. As this law reads local law enforcement can only ask their immigration status AFTER they have been stopped for something else. Then after they serve time for the local offense they are turned over to ICE. How does this help? We just have the same problem. We need the federal government to do their job before a crime is committed.

  20. Anonymous on May 14, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    Ira and Deborah,

    Good points and well taken…
    I just feel beings the FEDS are NOT doing their job someone has to. May be it is not the answer but its A answer. May be if you think you can be asked about your papers you wont be so quick hop on over and walk among. Or pay money for a Coyote and then be sent back the next day and lose the money you scraped up to get in. All just maybe but at least I think the controversy is putting the spot light on the problem that the Government doesn't seem to want to talk about.
    I seems reasonable to me that if an illegal was pulled over for what ever and was found to be illegal that they could be turned over immediately to the border patrol and they would be processed exactly the same way they would be if they were caught in the desert sneaking across. But the thing I have a problem with is none of this seems to be the issue…its all about "Racial Profiling" and you know how I feel about that stopping the law from being enforced. :O(

  21. Deborah A. Cook on May 15, 2010 at 1:43 am

    The sad fact is the three of us have probably spent more energy and time on this issue than those charged with taking care of it. I have no objection to the police having probable cause to stop these people and soliciting the information from there. I just don't think that will be the case, I also agree that this places a financial burden on our law enforcement departments which are already straining. To clarify an earlier point, I was always under the impression that a Sheriff is elected while a Chief of Police is appointed. Someone correct me if I am wrong. You are right Bruce in that this sheds a much needed light on the issue, to what end… God only knows.

  22. Anonymous on May 15, 2010 at 8:11 am

    So true…glad I got the chance to talk it over with you people. And you are probably right Deborah…we have put more energy into it and probably care a bit more about it being fixed properly and in a timely manner. Sad but true…
    Thanks Ira for the chat my friend…always good hear your views on this stuff. And thanks Franky for posting this!


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    Russell Armstrong Reckons This Is Cool…

    [...] Wonderful post thought I would backlink to it..whoa more news concerning Libya ? [...]…

  30. [...] As all of you that read this web site are already aware, I am a Conservative and a true believer in Free Speech.  I do not believe in censorship at all.  In fact, I even believe the Supreme Court has allowed too many exceptions to the First Amendment guaranty of Free Speech.  For those of you that have been avid readers of this column, you have seen me defend Free Speech even to the extent that I believe being politically correct has stifled it.  See e.g.  “Has Being PC Taken Away Free Speech,” “To Be ‘PC’ or Not To Be ‘PC’,” and “Of Free Speech Illegal Immigration and Border Wars” [...]

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