‘Uglier and uglier’ – NYPOST.com

This shows the ultimate disgrace of the Health Care debacle. And, who has to say it, the New York Post of all places!

‘Uglier and uglier’ – NYPOST.com

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2 Responses to "‘Uglier and uglier’ – NYPOST.com"

  1. The continued, oncoming, interesting analysis of the missteps, transgressions and wrong-headedness of the opposition is likened to Hubbell exploring the cosmic cavities of Jupiter. The universe is filled with detailed, unbelievable, historical, analytical, and in some cases vacuous criticism. Few of us do not know what is wrong. The question is what is right? And the electorate yearns for an ounce, a verse, the seed of wisdom occupying no more than the space on a pin head that might provide a constructive map, a psychological mind set, faith revisited, to something positive. Yes, the world is coming to an end, the sky is falling, the implosion is eminent, and what do we do until then. Please, turn the corner and commence with positive constructive, leadership homilies. . It might bend the cure upward. Is that too much to ask? Maybe.


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