It Really Doesn’t Matter by Craig Covello

Craig Covello

By now you know that the House Democrats succeeded in passing the Senate’s version of the health care bill with a vote of 219-212. Not a single Republican voted for Obamacare.
But that doesn’t matter, because there was enough force exerted by the Obama administration that the votes fell into line. Some could argue that the bill passed because Barack Obama made a deal with Bart Stupak involving an executive order prohibiting federally funded abortion in exchange for his vote.
But that doesn’t matter, because some pundits believe that the Executive Order is easily countermanded and was only used as a strategy to give Bart Stupak credibility when he voted for Obama care. It also turns out Stupak would have voted for Obama care all along, regardless of the abortion language.
Here are Bart Stupak’s statements while speaking in Cheboygan Michigan in 2009:

“Let’s say they give us our amendment. Let’s say we have an amendment. 3200 is on the floor on November 6 and the offered amendment says no public funding of abortion. It’s been the law of the land for many many decades, and we lose that vote. Let’s say we lose it. 218 wins. Let’s say we get 217. And we lose it. Would I vote against health care? If I had a chance to vote my conscience on it, I probably would not. I probably would still vote for the health care bill at the end of the day.”;=player_embedded
So it appears that most of Congressman Stupak’s recent rhetoric was simply theater.
What we are left with is a $1 trillion new healthcare entitlement for every American, regardless of their ability to pay. The president has said that this legislation is “historic”. He’s right. This is the first time that the federal government has been given the power to dictate what you must buy if you’re a United States citizen. This new “entitlement” will attempt to be funded by only 50% of the taxpayers who actually pay federal income taxes, but will generate serious budget deficits over the next 10 years. To pour even more gasoline on the situation, Moody’s believes it will downgrade the United States AAA rating. This will make the cost of borrowing even more expensive for the federal government, which in turn, throws the CBO’s very optimistic numbers out the window.
But that doesn’t matter, because National Public Radio published an article titled “Obama: health care bill about nations character, not cost”. Others in congress agree. Earlier this week, Congressman Tom Perriello (D-VA) said:

“The only way to get congress to balance the budget is to give them no choice… whether it’s balanced budget acts or pay-as-you-go legislation, the only thing — if you don’t tie our hands, we will keep stealing.”

We are also left with a broken Congressional process. Budget reconciliation was used to implement policy which will fundamentally change the United States of America. This is in clear violation of congressional rules.
But that doesn’t matter. Last week, Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings of Florida had this to say about Congressional rules:
“There ain’t no rules here, we’re trying to accomplish something… All this talk about rules… when the deal goes down… we make em up as we go along.”
He’s right. The Democratic legislature now knows it can force progressive agendas against the will of the majority of the American people, at least through November of this year when elections may turn the tide.
But that doesn’t matter, because many in Congress have been promised federal jobs after they lose their elected seat. The list includes Congressmen Bart Gordon and John Tanner of Tennessee as well as Congresswoman Suzanne Komas of Florida.
Those who are simply retiring also have no reason to care about the wrath of their constituents. Congressional retirement benefits allow them to be vested after five years of service. A full pension is available to Congressmen 62 years of age with five years of service; 50 years or older with 20 years of service or 25 years of service at any age. Try getting that in the private sector.
It seems that each month there are new scandals regarding Congressional bribes, payoffs and evasion of taxes.
But that doesn’t matter. Obama still has plenty of Democratic politicians to throw under the bus if the heat gets turned up. He also seems to have total control over Erik Holder’s Justice Department, which refuses to investigate potential criminal issues if they conflict with the progressive agenda of the White House.
So it begs the question, does anything really matter at this point? Congress has demonstrated that they can make the rules up as they go along. They know that they can disregard the will of their constituents. They know that even without a supermajority, they can use budget reconciliation to avoid open, honest debate and compromise with Republicans. The president has gone even further with this progressive ideology by saying that the United States Constitution is basically a “charter of negative liberties”. He believes that it is flawed because it throttles unlimited federal government control over the citizens.
Yesterday’s vote was not about health care reform. It was a test to determine how far a small group of progressives in this country can push against the rest of us, both traditional liberals and conservatives alike. Obama has just socialized one sixth of our economy against the will of the American people. Does anyone really think that the Obama White House is going to stop now? Of course not. They are just getting warmed up. Obama is well on his way to fulfilling his campaign promise of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America”.
So my message to Conservatives, Moderates and even traditional Liberals is this: It just doesn’t matter. Well, unless of course you think your vote matters. In that case, do something about it in November.
Copyright 2010 by Craig Covello.  Used with Permission.  All Rights Reserved

2 Responses to It Really Doesn’t Matter by Craig Covello

  1. Anonymous on March 24, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    And he said “It really doesn’t matter.”

    This is an abdication of rights and responsibilities. There is rampant corruption today in the White House, The Senate and the House of Representatives. Wealth does not guarantee wisdom. Poverty was the essence of our exit from England. The clarion call is simple, it is succinct, and it is common sense. Voting is not enough. Voting does little to absolve us of our civic duties as Americans. Voting does not begin and end at the voting booth. It is much like penance after confession. It is only an emotional response until the corroboration of a new reality.

    The bureaucracy that will emerge from ObamaCare will find its way into casting a shadow over NICE ‘The National Institute for Clinical excellence.” NICE is one of the evolutionary healthcare transitions in England. It has broad scope and includes the explicit determination of cost-benefit boundaries for certain technologies that it assesses. Beware and do the research. Case studies, and this is one, are enormous reservoirs of factual information.

    The “Public Option” is not dead? The ObamaCare Bill assures us of the inevitability of a web of waste, fraud, corruption and abuse that will emanate from what is to be, if not already anointed, the worst Bill ever to be passed by Congress. No, exercising the vote only will not do. We must strangle and starve this albatross by eliminating the funding. That is the strategy of defeat. How many Bills passed in Congress have died due to lack of funding? Let this be one.

    The righteous can prevail. Take to heart President Obama’s own words “You cannot govern with 50 plus 1 vote margin. Reverse the Sal Alinsky rules, learn the strategy of the opposition, and defeat him with his own stratagem. Focus on values, principles and keeping America safe.

    Why do immigrants seek to come to America? Why did we leave England? Why did Europe at one time envy our Constitution? And when will our actions soil the invitation, "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door." The world respects us but we do not respect ourselves.

    There must be an energetic, win-win, push-back reclaiming of our national doctrines of education, banking and privacy. Control by Washington must be rejected in favor of personal freedom. Proffer, lecture, enlighten and inform rigorously, energetically and passionately until one has equaled the objective of the likes of Hillsdale College

    There are many examples, should the Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers be inadequate to combat “currentism”, of where we should turn for guidance. Hillsdale College was always an avid anti-slavery institution. At one time it received federal loans. In a similar governmental grab for control, the department of Health, Education and Welfare demanded Hillsdale started counting its students by race. Hillsdale vowed to continue its policy of non discrimination but refused to yield, by any and all means, to resist with the help of God, encroachment on its independence, its “freedom.” It lost a decade’s long battle in the Supreme Court in 1984. By this time Hillsdale had already decided that rather than comply with unconstitutional federal regulations, it rejected federal aid and replaced it with private contributions.

    And we the people can most certainly do the same or similar with ObamaCare and the unconstitutional encroachment on our freedom by forgoing its bribery at the local, city and state level. The pain may rise to that experienced with the birth of our nation, with all of the subsequent selflessness and sacrifice by each and every one who died to preserve this noble nation under God.

    And do not accept the argument that you cannot prevail. The Supreme Court has reversed itself in the past, in the face of reason and common sense, slavery does attest to that.

    And he said “It really doesn’t matter.”

  2. Frank T. DeMartini on March 29, 2010 at 1:38 am

    Well said to whoever said it.

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