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Happy New Year

December 31, 2009

2009 is over. Probably the worst year in my adult life since 1991. That recession almost cause my business to go under. Thank God that this one has not effected me as badly. But, there are many out there that have been effected by this recession in any number of ways. There are the unemployed […]

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Denial of the Truth by Michael Cochrane

December 30, 2009

The term “denier” is frequently used as a criticism of those who refuse to believe an apparent self-evident truth or fact. I think it first came into vogue when it was applied to Islamists and ultra-right wing neo-Nazis who claimed that the Jewish holocaust of WWII was a fabrication. The evidence of history is clearly […]

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No Toilet, No Blankets, No Luggage

December 29, 2009

Through no luck of the TSA another terrorist plot was thwarted on Christmas Day. Another lunatic Muslim Extremist attempted to blow himself up on an international flight from Europe to Detroit. The passengers of Northwest Flight #253, seeing what was happening, immediately jumped the suspect as he tried to ignite his explosive device. Apparently, it […]

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Interpol by Craig Covello

December 28, 2009

INTERPOL. Are you familiar with the name? We don’t hear much in the news about INTEROL, aka the International Criminal Police Organization.. Sure, the name keeps some limited visibility in the movies, particularly when the story line involves diamond thieves, drugs or espionage. But other than that, INTERPOL does not get much attention, which is […]

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Starwood’s Response to My Blog

December 28, 2009

In response to my blog about Starwood Hotels and their lack of Christmas spirit, I received the following from their head of public relations. Apparently, this is not the corporate policy of Starwood. Although, I must state that I was told of this from an employee in a Southern Calfornia Starwood Hotel. When I informed […]

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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2009

It is finally Christmas Day. This is the day that we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is a day that we use to celebrate all of the good things in humanity. It is a day that we pray that the bad things will all go away. It is a […]

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Twas the Night Before Christmas (Washington Style) by Ira Schwartz

December 24, 2009

Well, it’s Christmas Eve and another year is almost over. Today we Republicans got a small Christmas present: Alabama Congressman Parker has switched parties and joined the GOP. We also got a small slap in the face as the Senate finally passed their version of theHealth Care Bill. But now, is not really the time […]

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Avatar and Boycotts

December 23, 2009

Over the last weekend, I had the privilege of seeing “Avatar.” This is a film of epic proportions and although I had some problems with it cinematically, from a technological standpoint, I recommend that everyone should see it. However, do not go and see it if you are expecting a live action film or good […]

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They Dye Has Been Cast by Ira Schwartz

December 22, 2009

“It’s one of the great Bernie Madoff gimmicks that I’ve ever seen, that anybody’s ever seen.” said Senator John McCain on ABC’s “Good Morning America”. He was referring to the way Democrats were able to pass the Healthcare Bill. McCain continued, “This was behind closed doors. The Republicans were never brought in to the negotiations […]

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Applause by Craig Covello

December 21, 2009

The Saturday before Christmas was a very good day. It was the day that my youngest son was flying home from the University of North Texas, where he studies jazz. We’ve been very proud of Cameron’s academic career as an excellent musician playing both the stand up and electric bass. Even though he just started […]

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