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Good Debate Will Keep America Great

August 30, 2009

America was built on the fundamentals of Freedom. The Founding Fathers were a group of industrialists, businessmen and farmers that understood the basic principles of hard work, individualism and lack of governmental interference would lead to prosperity, economic freedom and happiness. They understood that government was necessary, but, they also understood it was a necessary […]

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The Measure of a Man by Ira Schwartz

August 27, 2009

“Doctor Death”, death panels, euthanasia of our seniors. Those 10 second sound bites have filled the media since the bomb that is HR 3200 was dropped. But let’s step back, back to how all of this started, back to ground zero, back to July 24th. On that day “The New York Post” printed an article […]

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Health Care Reform Logics – An Insider’s Perspective by: Deborah A. Cook

August 24, 2009

Just so most of you think that the arguments against Obamacare are not coming from people on the right, here is an article written by an acquaintence that is on the left and also has issues with the whole health care debate. I will be writing again on Friday or so and Ira will be […]

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Big Government, Big Mistake

August 20, 2009

The biggest success of the Spending Bill”, oops “Stimulus Bill,” is ending. Yup, that is right; “Cash for Clunkers” is going away on Monday. Why? Because it was such a big success, the government ran out of money for the program not once, but twice. This time President Obama is shutting it down. No more […]

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Cry “Havoc” and let slip the Dogs of War By Ira Schwartz

August 17, 2009

Who would have ever thought Healthcare reform would be the catalyst to ignite a firestorm like the one that is now raging across our country. Certainly not the Democrats who have spent more time back peddling this week then the whole Egyptian army did in its numerous wars with Israel. Even though some Republicans are […]

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Health Reform and The Tenth Amendment

August 14, 2009

To begin with, I would like to thank Ira Schwartz for his contribution to the blog this week. The article was very informative and directly to the point on HR 3200 which in my opinion, is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever to be considered by Congress. It, not only, would lead us […]

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The Right To Choose by Ira Schwartz

August 10, 2009

If there is one basic right that is the cornerstone of our democracy it is “the right to choose”. We can choose our religious and political beliefs, our government leaders, where to live and what jobs we take. We can, for right now, even choose whether or not to enlist in the military. The right […]

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The Groundsell Begins?

August 6, 2009

It has been almost two weeks since I have had a chance to write and a lot of things have happened in that time. Most of them evolve around the health care mess that may be the beginning of Obama’s fall from grace. It seems with each passing day that the “City on a Hill” […]

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