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Pakistan, Pelosi and Reconciliation

April 28, 2009

President Obama has made it very clear that he intends to pursue the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. In fact, he is basically following the Bush era policy in that regard and is effectively, recreating the Bush surge that turned the tide in Iraq. However, the members of the Taliban do not seem to […]

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USS Stockdale and Some Words on the Economy

April 21, 2009

Last Saturday morning, I had the privilege of attending the official commissioning ceremony of the USS Stockdale, a new destroyer named after deceased Admiral Jim Stockdale, a Vietnam War hero and POW that endured torture because of his refusal to capitulate to his captors. This article is going to be relatively short, but I want […]

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Foreign Affairs (Almost All)

April 13, 2009

In the past few days, I have been thinking that way too much of this column has been about domestic affairs and the economy. This was not the original plan, but the events of the past few months have dictated it. However, based upon the current events in Thailand and the G20 Summit last week, […]

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Gary Oldman Comes Out Libertarian

In a Playboy interview out this month, Gary Oldman puts political correctness to the test and comes out as a Libertarian.

V.A. Punished Critics on Staff Doctors Assert

The V.A. Scandal is widening. Whistleblower's are now coming out of the woodwork and have suffered as a result. As reported by the NY...