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Obama Does Something Right????

March 30, 2009

I really have been having a tough time trying to decide what to write about for the past few weeks. I am back in the states after three months in Thailand in which I made a lot of friends and worked really hard. I miss most of the people I met there, but I am […]

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Tax and Spend is Back

March 12, 2009

My movie for the ABC/Family Channel and Millennium Films, “The Prince and Me 4,” is pretty much in the can. We have two more days of shooting in Bangkok and will be finished on Saturday. The last few weeks have been very hectic as we have been pretty much shooting in the jungle with all […]

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Gary Oldman Comes Out Libertarian

In a Playboy interview out this month, Gary Oldman puts political correctness to the test and comes out as a Libertarian.

V.A. Punished Critics on Staff Doctors Assert

The V.A. Scandal is widening. Whistleblower's are now coming out of the woodwork and have suffered as a result. As reported by the NY...