Assault on Free Speech Part 3

Tanya Cohen

Is limiting hate speech, limiting free speech. Tanya Cohen makes a case for this in numerous articles. However, she does not fully...

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Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett is the person behind the president. The only question left is how much influence Valerie Jarrett actually has.

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Freedom Under Siege


“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought...

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Presidential Monarchy

Presidential Monarch

In fact, Roosevelt, believed Woodrow Wilson was trying to turn the United States into a monarchy in the same way that modern conservative pundits...

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Assault on Free Speech Iowa City

Freedom of Speech Iowa City

Freedom of speech can be messy and sometimes offensive but as I have gotten older, I have become even more absolute on free speech.

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Mechanic Resurrection


As all of my regular readers know, I have been shooting Mechanic Resurrection in Thailand since November of last year. In fact, I...

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Assault on Free Speech: Paris Part 1

Free Speech

USA Today allowed a London based radical Muslim cleric who “specialized in Sharia law” following the Paris massacre of the editorial staff of Charlie...

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Power Suppresses Truth

Muslim Extremist

While nary a policemen, citizen or security guard had a weapon, “Masked gunmen methodically killed the 12 people, including the newspaper's editor, as they...

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A Leopards Spots

A Leopards Spots

So it is a new year and a new Congress and Senate.  If one is to believe the rhetoric being tossed around in the...

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The Folly of “Fundamentalism”


Juan Cole, in a particularly dopey moment, compared Sarah Palin, of all people, to the sort of people who just carried out a mass...

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How Voters View Climate Change

climate Change Facts

Guess what, most voters will not give up job creation and their economic status to fighting climate change. Three quarters of voters, regardless...

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Mario Cuomo – Confusion for Catholics

Mario Cuomo

There remains a question as to whether Kennedy-Cuomo or Pelosi-Biden resonate with the new generation of Catholics who came of age under the robust...

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Election 2016 is Around the Corner

Mike Huckabee

t is now January 5, 2015, yup that's right 2015. Another year has passed. We have just gone through the mid-term elections....

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Nothing New Under Hollywood Sun

The Interview

It is with a sense of "deja vu" that we watch the spectacle of threats, cowardice and censorship on display at SONY PICTURES regarding...

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How Voters View Abortions?


If this election showed anything, Americans may be more pro-life than previously believed. Wendy Davis' run for Texas governor was supposed...

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Will Obama Leave the Democratic Party Better Than He Found It?

Has President Obama served or hurt the Democratic Party in his six years in office. Any basic review of the facts gives a...

Bill Maher, Ben Affleck and Islam

On Last Week's Bill Maher show, an interesting this happened. Liberal Maher took on Ben Affleck and his liberal views on Islam. ...